Stunning Low-Rise Condo Options in Pratamnak

Sitting on the headland between Pattaya and Jomtien, Pratamnak is one of the most upmarket areas of Pattaya. The area has an extensive range of properties catering for every budget, including many low-rise options. It is a relatively quiet area but still has many restaurants, bars and shops and is in easy travelling distance of both Pattaya and Jomtien. Here are just six of the best low-rise condos in the [...]

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Amazing High-Rise Condos in Central Pattaya

As you would imagine, Central Pattaya is home to the vast majority of the city’s condos. However, most of these condos are low-rise properties due to building restrictions and planning regulations. Some excellent high-rise buildings are available between North and South Pattaya Road and all within the bounds of Central Pattaya. Here are seven fantastic high-rise condos in the Central Pattaya area. 1. The Base The Base is a relatively [...]

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A Stunning Selection of Low-Rise Condos in Wongamat

One of the most popular locations with expats in Pattaya is the Naklua and Wongamat area. Situated slightly to the north of Pattaya itself, it is a quieter location but still within easy reach of downtown Pattaya. The area has superb restaurants and bars along with all the amenities that you would typically expect. Baht buses run 24-hours a day and taxis are plentiful. In the old town, you will [...]

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Great Low-Rise Condos in Central Pattaya

Central Pattaya is, of course, one of the most popular areas of Pattaya as it is close to the city’s famous nightlife as well as shopping centres and other attractions. Most of the modern condos are located in the Soi Buakhao area or near the Big C Extra on Central Pattaya Road, but there are plenty of others in the area. Here are seven top low-rise condos that are generally [...]

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Excellent Value Budget Condos in Pattaya

Although luxury homes and condos are what we often hear the most about, there is still a great deal of demand for budget condos throughout Pattaya. These types of the property make great holiday homes or investment properties as they can often be easily rented, generating an excellent ROI. Although there are lots of these budget properties, here are eight of our favourites. View Talay 1 & 2 The original [...]

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High-Rise Condos in Wongamat

Wongamat is home to some of the most exclusive condos in all of Pattaya; some are low-rise and some high-rise. The area is still relatively quiet in spite of all the development in recent years with an array of upmarket restaurants. The area is clean, and the beach area is reasonable although it can be prone to erosion during some periods of the year. At night time the area is [...]

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Great High-Rise Condos in Pratamnak

Pratamnak is an area of Pattaya where you will find an abundance of high-rise condo; most are of a high standard. The area is renowned for being one of the most prestigious in Pattaya with beaches such as Cosy Beach being some of the cleanest. You will find bars and restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets with the area being particularly popular with Russian residents and visitors. The Vision [...]

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Luxury Villas in East Pattaya

Pattaya has accommodation available to suit all budgets and all tastes but often the properties that people really aspire to, are the luxury villas. Although you can find these types of property throughout the city, most of the exclusive villages can be found in East Pattaya. Here there is more greenery, more peace, and quiet as well as far more privacy than might be experienced in other areas. 1. Siam [...]

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Looking for a Low-Rise Condos in Jomtien?

Jomtien has rapidly risen to be one of the most popular areas of Pattaya and, as a result, has been witness to several new condos developments in recent times. Jomtien does have a considerable amount of high-rise condos, but the vast majority are low-rise buildings. There is now a fantastic choice of condos in the area, so here are seven that we would like to highlight. Laguna Beach Resort 1, [...]

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