Dental Options in Pattaya

Thailand is renowned for its high standard of dentistry. Indeed, it is a medical sector that performs well in Thailand. Medical tourism is growing popularity in Thailand, and dentist play a significant role in the industry, particularly in Pattaya. Dentists can be found all across Pattaya, and almost all are of the highest calibre. Of course, the prices are far more favourable in Thailand compared to the west so if [...]

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7 Fantastic Golf Courses for Over 2000 Thai Baht Per Round

If you are a golf enthusiast, then Pattaya will be a dream come true! There are well over 20 championship standard golf courses within an hour’s drive of Pattaya. Some of the courses target beginners with prices to reflect this, others for lower handicappers and some that cater to reasonable club players. If you are looking to play some of the top courses in the area, here are seven of [...]

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Want to Play Squash and Badminton in Pattaya? Why Not try These Places?

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in Asia, so it is hardly surprising that it is relatively easy to play in Pattaya. Squash is growing popularity both with Thais and expats with an increasing number of places where you can play. Many of the more upmarket hotels and condominiums now offer either badminton, squash or both. Here are six places in Pattaya where you will be able to [...]

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Great Massage and Spas Facilities in Pattaya

Pattaya is now a family-orientated resort with an image that has vastly changed in recent years. The city is now home to some first-class massage and spa facilities. All upmarket establishments only employ fully trained masseuses who must possess the relevant qualifications and usually several years’ experience. Many of the top-class facilities are found in the city’s 5-star hotels and offer a full range of beauty services in an environment [...]

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Gyms in Pattaya

Sport plays a surprisingly significant role in Pattaya, far more so than many people would believe. We are well aware of the golf and the water sports, but often the fact that the city has some first-class gyms goes overlooked. Most gyms cater for people of all abilities and in keeping with Pattaya; there is very much a “live and let live” attitude – something that unfortunately you don’t get [...]

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Healthcare and International Hospitals In and Around Pattaya

Healthcare is essential to anyone when they visit a country, but as we get older, it moves closer to the top of our list of priorities. Pattaya has five hospitals in the city, including Banglamung and Pattaya City Hospitals, which are government hospitals. The remaining three are private hospitals and cater to different budgets, but all have medical professionals who speak excellent English and many other languages. Small clinics, which [...]

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Health Insurance Providers in Thailand

Wherever you are living in the world, if you haven’t got the support of a public healthcare system such as the NHS in the UK, you need private health insurance. There is a misplaced conception that healthcare in Thailand is cheap, and while this may be the case compared to the west, few would be in a position to pay out a few million Thai baht without it negatively impacting [...]

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