Is Now The Perfect Time to Buy Property in Pattaya?

The old saying of “buy low, sell high” couldn’t be more apt if you were looking to buy property in Pattaya at the present time. Sadly, the coronavirus or Covid-19, has hit the city hard and tourism, along with related businesses are on their knees. Many people are being forced to leave the city, closing their doors permanently while others think that they may be safer back in their home [...]

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Condos with the Best Communal Facilities in Pattaya

When we are choosing where we want to live, there are always a number of different factors which we will take into account such as the area, the local amenities and, of course, the cost. However, one factor which is becoming increasingly important is the facilities. Most of us these days take a pool, gym and beautiful outdoor area for granted, but for many people, especially those with children, or [...]

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Fantastic Pool Villas in Pattaya

Pattaya has an extensive range of different properties ranging from budget condos to luxury family homes. However, one style of property that appeals to all, especially when they are thinking of their dream home in an idyllic location is a pool villa. Luckily, here in Pattaya, we have a wide range of different options available. Here are eight of the best: Pratamnak & Jomtien Majestic Residence The Majestic Residence is [...]

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Will U-Tapao Airport Give Pattaya a Timely Boost?

It would be impossible to suggest that the whole world hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus and most accept that after, things will be quite different. Pattaya has done a lot in recent years to improve the infrastructure within the city, and while there is still a lot that needs to be done, credit should go to City Hall for what they have achieved. One of the main projects that [...]

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Why is Wongamat so Popular and What Does it Have to Offer?

Wongamat is located slightly to the north of Pattaya and would best be described as the area to the west (sea side) of Naklua Road between Dolphin Roundabout and Soi 12. The main beach runs from the bottom of Soi 18 to the front of the Park Beach Condo, mid-way along Soi 16. There are a few smaller coves; two to the north, one called Bamboo Beach in front of [...]

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Understanding Thailand Etiquette

The cultures of the East and West are undoubtedly very different, and both have a certain appeal. However, some things that would class as being “normal” in the West wouldn’t be acceptable in the East and vice versa, and this is what you will find in Thailand. Of course, there are some things that are just frowned upon anywhere in the world, such as not wearing a shirt in a [...]

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The Importance of Health Insurance

Of course, none of us like paying for any insurance and indeed health insurance is no different. In fact, it is one of the few things that we buy ad hope that we never need. However, not getting health insurance can be a huge mistake, leaving you and your family seriously in debt. Healthcare in Thailand is cheaper than in the West, but this should not be interpreted as being [...]

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Enjoy Thai Curry? Why Not Try These Options?

Most of us who live in Thailand enjoy Thai food with the different types of Thai curry being one of the most popular dishes. Most Thais will make the curries from scratch using raw ingredients which can be purchased at markets and supermarkets. However, if you want to cheat, you can, of course, you can buy pre-packaged varieties or go to a restaurant! Almost all Thai curries include chilli, garlic [...]

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Things to Consider When Getting a Tattoo in Pattaya

Many people who come to Pattaya decide to get a tattoo while they are here. Of course, for most people, it is something that they planned to do before they arrived. However, for others, it can be a spur of the moment decision. We are not here to judge you or to discuss your reasons for getting a tattoo just offer some tips on things that you should consider before [...]

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What is Ramen Soup, and Where Can You Get it in Pattaya?

Ramen soup is a popular dish not only in Thailand but across Asia. It is a form of noodle soup with origins in Japan. Different sorts of noodle can be used with one of the most common being egg noodles and are typically serviced in a rich meat or fish-based broth. Thinly sliced pork or chicken is added along with vegetables such as scallions and a soft boiled. It can [...]

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