Considering Yoga, How About These Yoga Schools?

Most of us know that we should perhaps take better care of our bodies, maybe it is what we eat, the amount we drink, or we should be more active. When it comes to exercise, one of the best options, and one which benefits the body and mind is yoga. It is a non-impact activity which focuses on building your core. Yoga can be performed in classes, with friends or [...]

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Fantastic Investment Properties in Pattaya

Earning a passive income is an objective of many people these days, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is via investment properties. Within interest rates offered by banks at all-time lows; the yields from property, often well in excess of 5% p.a. are incredibly attractive. Pattaya is an attractive option for investors with the Easter Economic Corridor (EEC), expanding meaning thousands of more jobs are coming to [...]

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Beaches in and Around Pattaya

It is sometimes easy to overlook the fact that Pattaya is a beach resort and focus mainly on the nightlife and the other great forms of entertainment which are available. Inevitably, some beaches are better than others, but we will work from Wongamat in the north to Bang Saray in the south while not forgetting the island of Koh Larn. Wongamat Beaches There are several beaches in the Wongamat area [...]

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What is Pattaya’s “Darkside”, and what are the Pros and Cons?

If you are visiting Pattaya, you will probably have heard the term “The Darkside” when referring Pattaya. While there may be many interpretations of what this could mean, it doesn’t actually mean anything sinister! “The Darkside” is the part of Pattaya situated to the east (further away from the beach) of Sukhumvit Road. Although there are many tales about how the area gained its name, the most likely story is [...]

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Looking to Keep the Kids Occupied? Why Not Try These Children’s Activities in Pattaya

  Pattaya has evolved into a superb place to bring children on holiday, not to mention live. The weather is fantastic throughout the year, and there are some excellent beaches close by such as Koh Larn and Bang Saray as well as plenty of restaurants that welcome youngsters. When this is coupled with the Thais natural affection for kids and the vast array of fantastic activities that are available, it [...]

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Luxury Condos in Na Jomtien

Na Jomtien situated to the south of Pattaya is well known for its sandy beaches and fine restaurants. There are some superb condos in the area, including some older ones that take pride of place with beachfront locations. As the area has become more popular more condos, have also sprung ad are equally as fantastic. Here are just seven of the top condos in the Na Jomtien area. 1. Whale [...]

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The Latest Villages in Pattaya

There are some excellent villages in Pattaya; some are over a decade older, while others are relatively modern. The top villages certainly stand the test of time and can be found across the city. Here are some of the most recent options that have caused something of a stir since their launch in recent years. 1. The Plantation Estate The Plantation Estates is another excellent development by Siam Development who [...]

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Shows and Bars with Shows in Pattaya

Pattaya is well-known for having some excellent shows, most of which are cabarets or the more “adult” themed shows designed for tour groups at the larger venues in Naklua. However, many bars around the city also have shows of their own that are well choreographed and rehearsed. Here are some of the best-known shows in Pattaya. Cabaret Shows Tiffany’s It is no exaggeration to say that Tiffany’s is world-famous and [...]

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Do You Enjoy Playing Pool – Why Not Try These Places to Play Pool in Pattaya?

Pool is one of the most popular sports around the world, and indeed it is no different in Pattaya with pool leagues running throughout the week. Several bars have pool tables where other customers and even the girls themselves will be more than happy to give you a game. The standard of the tables and the ability of the players vary a lot, but one thing that is certain, it [...]

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Great Fine Dining Restaurants in Pattaya

Pattaya has a vast selection of superb restaurants that cater for all tastes and budgets. From time to time, we all like to spoil ourselves with a special meal and enjoy that fine dining experience. Fortunately, in Pattaya, we have some excellent options throughout the city. It this article we have tried to focus more on the independent restaurants rather than those in the hotels, which are, naturally, absolutely superb. [...]

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