What is The Special Administrative Status of Pattaya?

Many things make Pattaya stand apart from other places in Thailand, but it is perhaps its special administrative status that it enjoys that is one of the least known and is entirely unique. Its local administration status was first granted back in 1978. It meant that Pattaya was originally classed as a “special city”, although some of the rights granted were afforded to other cities in 2000. Pattaya was awarded [...]

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Top 6 Mexican Restaurants in Pattaya

Although Mexican food may not be one of the first types of food that we crave in Pattaya, it is always popular whenever it gets a mention. Those from the US particularly enjoy Mexican food, and this is reflected in some of the Mexican restaurants in Pattaya which have more of an American interpretation of the food rather than it being typically Mexican. There are several places that you can [...]

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Top 7 Guesthouses in Jomtien

Pattaya has some excellent hotels, but sometimes you may prefer something a little smaller and more personal. You can find some excellent guesthouses all across Pattaya, but some of the best are in Jomtien. They represent excellent value for money and some a right at the heart of the action, while others are located a little further away so you can enjoy some peace and quiet. 1. Stefan’s Guesthouse Situated [...]

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Top 7 Fast Food Restaurants and Takeaways in Pattaya

Pattaya is home to fantastic restaurants bringing us the taste of all four corners of the globe. However, sometimes, we want some tasty and quick. Of course, there are the multinational brands such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Subway, but for this article, we will focus on the non-franchise restaurants and stalls that bring us some exceedingly tasty food. 1. McDoners Lamb doner kebabs are popular with European, and often [...]

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Top 5 Kitchen Companies in Pattaya

If you have owned your property for any length of time, there is a good chance that the kitchen will want modernising. Renovating your kitchen is obviously a big decision, and you want to be confident that the people you employ to do the job are up to the task. Here are five of the best options that are available across Pattaya. 1. Euro Design Furniture Euro Design Furniture's showroom [...]

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Top 9 Projects of 2019

2019 has been a year that has witnessed developers regaining confidence in the Pattaya property market. There have been some superb projects that have come on to the market, which will be highly sort after. Here we have selected a few that have caught our eye, and we have high hopes for moving into 2020. 1. Riviera Ocean Drive Riviera Ocean Drive is found on Jomtien Second Road and is [...]

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Top 7 Hotels in Jomtien and Na Jomtien

Pattaya is home to some fantastic hotels, hotels that cater to all budgets and indeed the options that are available in Jomtien are no different. There are lots of hotels available within even those in Na Jomtien creeping on to the list. While it is impossible to include all of these fantastic hotels, we have added seven of our favourites, but if we have missed yours, we would be delighted [...]

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Top 7 Restaurants in East Pattaya – Part 2

As we explained last month, East Pattaya is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants covering all tastes, and it was simply impossible to cover everything in one article. In this, Part 2 of our look at the best restaurants we have seven more fabulous options to choose from. If your particular favourite is not on the list in either Part 1 or 2, then we would be delighted to [...]

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Top 7 High-Rise in Jomtien

Jomtien is probably most commonly associated with low-rise condos, but the area does have a great selection of high-rise options as well. Some are well-established properties that have a superb reputation and have managed to fight off the competition over the years, while others are stunning modern developments that would look great in any major city around the world. Here are just seven that we have picked out. 1. The [...]

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Top 7 Golf Courses For Less Than 2,000 Thai Baht

Golf is one of Pattaya leading selling points, especially during the low season attracting players of all standards from around the world. While we have some outstanding championship courses in the area, we also have some others that are far cheaper and still of an excellent standard. Below we have selected seven courses that you can play during the week for less than 2,000 Thai Baht a round, with these [...]

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