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In memoriam to our beloved friend and colleague
Stephen Michael Carleton (1965 - 2009)


Pattaya has a very giving community; Expats and Thais alike all help and give generously on a regular basis to the many charity organisations in the fun city of Pattaya, Thailand.

Alan Bolton Property Consultants recognise that they can only prosper if the community is in good standing with individuals wishing to purchase and rent properties within the Pattaya area. In order to give back to the community that has helped the Company, it acknowledges its corporate and social responsibility to support those who through no fault of their own are unable to support themselves.

Alan Bolton Property Consultants are proud to have been able to assist many local fund raising organisations in their efforts to assist these less able and needy citizens of both Pattaya and Thailand in general and have been an active supporter of many charitable foundations for many years.

We take this opportunity to provide details of some of the causes that we have supported.

Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind

Being unable to see is devastating for any child, but being blind in Thailand can be disastrous. There is very little state help and most parents are far too poor to provide the help that their children require.

The Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind was started in 1987 and now has just under 200 children in its care ranging in age from three to twenty.

The School's aim is to provide an education and training in life skills for blind and visually impaired children. To that end, the children learn Braille and are taught the Thai National Curriculum. They also learn skills to help them deal with daily life, and participate in a range of sports such as swimming. In the last few years the School has pioneered work with children with multiple handicaps, training teachers to break through the isolation felt by children who, for example, can neither hear nor see. The School prepares blind and visually impaired children to lead independent lives, and to help them achieve their potential.

Pattaya Mail TV interview with Steve Carleton 2007

Steve Carleton of
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
interviewed by Paul Strachan of
Pattaya Mail TV regarding the
Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind
fund raising 2007
Pattaya Mail TV interview with Steve Carleton 2008

Steve Carleton of
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
interviewed by Paul Strachan of
Pattaya Mail TV regarding the
Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind
fund raising 2008

The Charity Club Of Pattaya

The Charity Club of Pattaya is a small club, founded on July 1st 2004 by Christina and Malcolm Boden and assisted by their Treasurer Vic King and their Isaan Representative Peter Rottmann.

The mascot for the Club is a character who goes by the name of Bertram. He has a fine wardrobe of custom made t-shirts that he he is proud to wear when he attends fundraising events and is dearly loved by all.

Bertram The Bear

The aims of the Charity Club of Pattaya are very simple:
Give a little bit back to those that need it!

Who Benefits From The Charity Club of Pattaya?
Anyone in need!

A representative from the Club will always visit the cause or the charity to determine its needs and ask for a 'wish list'.
All money raised goes towards the items on the ‘wish lists’ and nothing is taken out for admin costs or expenses as Malcolm and Christina personally cover the running overheads of the Club.
They try to help different charities so that they don’t become committed to any one charity and that allows the money to be spread around, as Thailand has so many needy people.

Once a year they host a Charity Gala Dinner with a Grand Prize Draw and Auction and are extremely proud that to date they have raised and distributed 3,353,500 baht.

The funds are used both directly to support individuals and to support other charity organisations in their fundraising activities.

Some of the projects helped by The Charity Club Of Pattaya are as follows:

  • The School for the Deaf Pattaya.
  • The Street Kids of Pattaya
  • Wat Pong School
  • The Masons Tsunami Appeal
  • The Camillian Centre Rayong
  • Scholarships For Under Privileged Children at various schools in the area
  • Children and Adults of Issan Wheelchair & Walking Aids Appeal
  • The Charity Club of Pattaya’s Christmas Gift Appeal
  • The Charity Club of Pattaya’s Annual Clothing & Blanket Appeal
  • The Freemasons Charity Fund for the Hill Tribe Children
  • Building a Kindergarten Classroom at the Wat Wang Wa Temple School in Klaeng
  • The Mercy Center Pattaya
  • The Rotary Club of Pattaya
  • The Freemasons West Winds Lodge
  • Items for the Pattaya Orphanage
  • Christmas Party and Gifts for the Children born with HIV/AIDS
  • Organise trips for Children born with HIV/AIDS
  • Supplying special food every 3 months for Children in Isaan with dietary problems
  • Wheelchair and walking aid projects for the people of Isaan
  • Building a house for a severely depressed mother and her young daughter in Isaan
  • Providing a specialist wheelchair for a 15 year old severely disabled boy in Isaan
  • Repairs to a school roof in Isaan
  • Providing bicycles to a school in Isaan, so that children can attend school on a regular basis
  • Donation to the Jaidee Appeal Rayong
  • Donation to the Young PR Ambassador Project Pattaya
  • On going medical, accommodation and travel expenses for a 2 year-old girl who fell into a fire and requires specialist treatment
  • Donation to a school rebuilding project in Yasathorn
  • Donation of Children’s wheelchairs to Able The Disabled in Pattaya
  • Providing food parcels on a regular basis for the needy in Isaan
  • Raising funds for the Prostheses Foundation in Chiang Mai supplying limbs for those who cannot afford prothesis aids
  • Donation to the British Legion’s Poppy Appeals each year

Christina Boden (right) presenting Steve Carleton of
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
a certificate of appreciation for being a
Platinum Sponsor of their 2007 Gala Dinner

Christina Boden (left) presenting Alan Bolton of
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
a certificate of appreciation for being a
Platinum Sponsor of their 2008 Gala Dinner

Jesters Care for Kids

The Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drives began in 1998 after Alice and Niel Poulsen met up with a few of the Jesters MC Thailand members. An informal meeting ensued with Kim Fletcher and friends at Delaney's (now Shenanigan's) and the seed to start a charity drive began. The result was a hastily thrown together effort consisting of one Platinum Sponsor (Chonburi Siam Steel Mill Services) and one event, a Pub Night of raffle drawings and auctions. It was held in early September at Delaney's and raised 1 million baht for the sole beneficiary, the Fountain of Life Center.

Since its inception until last fall, it has raised and distributed 14 million baht to its beneficiaries. The goal is to keep giving by raising as much money as possible for as many children's causes as possible.

Lewis Underwood presenting a
cerificate of appreciation to
Alan Bolton of
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
for their support in 2006

Lewis Underwood presenting a
cerificate of appreciation to
Alan Bolton of
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
for their support in 2007

Pattaya Street Kids Support Project

The purposes of the Charity are:

A. The relief of financial hardship among children under the age of eighteen years living in the area of Pattaya, by providing those children with goods and services they would not otherwise receive through lack of means.

B. To advance the education of children under the age of eighteen years living in the area of Pattaya by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities (not provided by the Government of Thailand) for their education.

The Pattaya Sports Club

The Pattaya Sports Club Association was founded in 1979, and in 1996 became a registered, government recognized, non-profit association whose main objective is to promote sporting events and contribute to local charities. As the club membership has grown over the years, so has its ability to donate to children, the handicapped and the underprivileged.

Each year, the Pattaya Sports Club makes substantial donations to charities that house, feed, and take care of the essential needs of orphans; train the handicapped in marketable skills so that they may become self-sufficient; provide scholarships, school uniforms, books and lunches to children who otherwise would not be able to attend school, improve facilities at public schools and orphanages, and so much more.

All committee members of the Pattaya Sports Club volunteer their time and energy to work for the Association and everyone involved with the Pattaya Sports Club is proud and dedicated to improving the community that they live in and improving the lives of those less fortunate.

PSC Vice Chairman Derek Brook (left) awarding the
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
Golfer of the Month - December 2008
prize to Steve Hamstad

Alan Bolton (left) awarding the
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
Golfer of the Month - August 2008
prize to Dick Warberg

Thai Children's Trust

Over 30 years ago a baby was left on the doorstep of a Catholic priest in Pattaya. Father Ray Brennan took this child in, and before long, he had founded an orphanage, and was accepting a steady stream of children with nowhere else to go.

The Pattaya Orphanage is home to approximately 160 children. Many have lost one or both parents, and others have parents who cannot look after them anymore.

Hundreds have been found good homes through its adoption programme, and it has a fine education and sporting record. Children who arrived unwanted and unloved have graduated from university, started their own families, and built independent and fulfilling lives for themselves.

The Orphanage does not just provide care and education for its children. It gives them a loving home, a childhood and a future.

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