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Posted on 07 October 2012 by ABPC

New Service from Alan Bolton Property Consultants

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome you all to our new blogging service. Our posts will cover everything essential, interesting and fun from across Pattaya City, from attractions, schooling, to dining and video reviews of new properties coming onto the market.

Websites and online services have come a long way since the word "blog" first hit the scene, although back then it was a somewhat geeky invention based on "Web Logging". Today, and fundamentally the reason why we at Alan Bolton Property Consultants have made a move into this arena, is to offer you – the customer – some of the very latest insight on Pattaya and, of course property.

On an almost daily basis we will release new articles and special features that we are sure you will find useful and relevant.

Why not bookmark this page for your easy future reference?

So, enjoy the ride and we hope you enjoy reading our blogs as much as we will enjoy writing them for you.

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