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Beaches in Rayong

Posted on 04 June 2014 by ABPC

Rayong is a beautiful province in the South of Thailand. The province is largely made up of beautiful coastal scenes against a backdrop of rolling hills, and a number of islands also form part of Rayong. Combined with a year-round warm climate, this makes the province a perfect destination for a beach holiday. Some of the most notable beaches are:

Hat Sai Kaew
Hat Sai Kaew, or the Diamond Beach, has a length of over a kilometre and many people consider it one of the best beaches in the province. This reputation does mean that it tends to get a little busy, so it might not be the best choice if you want a secluded spot for relaxation. If you want a high-quality beach with a nightlife scene, on the other hand, Hat Sai Kaew is one of the best destinations you are ever likely to find.

Rayong Beach

Hat Sai Thong
Hat Sai Thong, or the Golden Beach, is a wonderful private spot for relaxing by the calm ocean waters. The beach is covered in soft white sand and lined with scenic palm trees on one side and warm, clean sea on the other. It is less busy than Hat Sai Kaew and lacks the buzzing nightlife, but still provides access to plenty of wonderful seafood restaurants.

Hat Sai Thong Beach

Had Mae Rampeung
Had Mae Rampeung is a peaceful beach, yet one that is loved by tourists and locals alike. Though it is a popular beach, it is also the longest in Rayong at roughly 7.5 miles, so there is plenty of space for everyone. The result is a quiet, clean, scenic beach which also forms part of the beautiful Khao Laem Ya-Koh Samet National Park. It is also notable for its very calm waters, making the beach particularly well-suited for families with young children.

Mae Rh

Had Suan Son
Popular with locals but not quite so well-known among tourists, Had Suan Son is a fantastic beach for those who want to relax on the soft sand. The beach is lined by countless palm trees offering pleasant shade during the hotter parts of the day. At the weekend it can be busy because residents of Bangkok frequently travel there for a seaside picnic, but during the week the beach is usually a quiet place away from the crowds. Even when the Bangkok picnickers do flock there at weekends, it is usually possible to find a place to relax.

had suan son

Ao Kai-Laem Tan
A quiet and relatively undiscovered spot, Ao Kai-Laem Tan is a beautiful cape close to the Klaeng District. It is a small, quiet, yet scenic and pleasant place which is just well-known enough to have developed some pleasant amenities. In particular, a nearby fishing village offers some fantastic seafood restaurants that prove consistently popular with those tourists that do know about the area’s charms.

Ao Kai-Laem Tan

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