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House Removal Firms in Pattaya

Posted on 05 July 2014 by ABPC

Moving house or home is widely regarded as one of the most stressful things that we do in our adult lives.  This can be made all the more stressful when you are moving house in a country that you are unfamiliar with.  Many people use the services of a professional removals team who can help you pack up all your belongings and safely transport them to your new home.  Not only can these companies move items within Thailand, but for those longer term residents they can even organise shipping from your home country direct to your door here in Pattaya.


Shipping companies are excellent if you are looking to move items from abroad.  Here in Pattaya there are a number of companies setup to take away as much of the stress of moving as possible.  Many of these companies will provide a personally tailored service to cater for your individual needs.  One company is called JVK International Movers.  They actually offer a “Settling in Programme” that caters for every eventuality from arranging the correct documentation for customs, arranging your driving license, shipping of furniture and even include a service for getting clearance for your pet to move to Thailand as well!  JVK can also help people who are looking to relocate their offices or factories.  With the tax benefits of doing business in Thailand this may become a more attractive service.


However, if you live in Thailand you may feel that a removals company is too much and unnecessary especially if you are just moving from condo to condo.  At this point it is probably worth doing something similar to what you would do in your home country – hire a van or pickup! Ok, you may have to do the work yourself and it may take a couple of journeys but it will undoubtedly be considerably cheaper than paying for an unnecessary team of professionals to come and pack away your belongings.

Here in Pattaya there are a number of firms offering pick ups for hire but now more than ever you want to make sure that the vehicle has the correct insurance.  There would be nothing worse than being involved in a major accident and seeing all your personal belongings destroyed only to find that the vehicle you were driving didn’t have the correct insurance.  Rental vehicles need first class rental insurance anything else is not sufficient.  Make sure you choose a reliable company such as Pattaya Rent a Car to provide you with your vehicle.  They maybe slightly more expensive but isn’t it worth paying that little bit extra just for that piece of mind?


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