Food Shopping in Pattaya

Posted on 15 January 2013 by ABPC

If you are considering relocating to Pattaya, for many there may be some initial concern as to whether they can buy their regular food items that they can get in their home countries, well in most instances the answer to that question is yes.
Pattaya is a multi cultural destination and attracts not only tourists from all over the world but expats too, as such food shopping covers all nationalities.

It may surprise you to learn that you can find a Tesco supermarket in Pattaya, on the Sukhumvit Road, and although the range is very much catered to the local Thai market you can still purchase some items you would find back home from fresh bread to morning cereals.

Foreign Focused Supermarkets throughout Pattaya

Popular supermarkets designed more specifically for foreigners are in plentiful supply and also offer somewhat different ranges and price points
(1) Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang. This superstore was previously a Carrefour until the French store exited the Asian market. As such the bakery section as a legacy is very good with a wide range of bread, baguettes and cakes. They also have a good meat section and can even cook your meat for you in store.
(2) Food Land, which can be found on Pattaya Klang, offers all round items for the foreigner. It also boasts a very popular restaurant at the front of the store where you can get European and Thai food cooked quickly and at a very keen price.
(3) Friendship Supermarket on Pattaya South, again offers everything most foreigners living in Pattaya would be looking for. They source bakery products from various sources which arguably gives you the widest choice of bread types found anywhere in Pattaya.
(4) Best Supermarket In Naklua on Pattaya North just off the Dolphin is well stocked although parking is somewhat limited and restricted to roadside parking areas.
(5) Tops Supermarket in Central Festival Shopping Centre offers a more premium offering that also includes a very good meat section where you can find restaurant standard prepared items such as Lamb Shank.
(6) Villa Supermarket is located in the Avenue Shopping Centre on Second Road and, like Tops in Central Festival, very much caters for the higher spending foreigner with a more premium import offering.
(7) Macro which is located on the Sukhumvit road. Strictly speaking it is designed more as a wholesale offer for retailers although many expats use Macro as it has a good fresh produce section with a wide range of vegetables and its own in house butchers.
Convenience Shopping
Although convenience shopping has always been big in Pattaya, most notably through the 7-11 chain; it is only really since 2012 that convenience stores with a meat and fresh produce offering have started appear through Tesco Express stores. This has sparked a response from the home grown Big C superstores that have now started Big C Minis. This has upped the ante for food retailers and this is largely good news for foreigners living in Pattaya as it is now even easier to get your weekly shopping.
Where to Go if You Like….
(1) Specialist Food (e.g. Mexican) – Foodland, Friendship, Tops Supermarket (Central Festival), Villa Supermarket
(2) Fresh Meat Selection – All of the above. For a wider range choose Macro while if you are looking for premium quality use Tops (Central) or Villa Supermarket.
(3) Value – Big C Extra, as this supermarket also caters for Thais you can buy locally sourced products for a lower price than other import items
(4) Ease of Parking – With the exception of Best supermarket in Naklua all offer parking.

So rest assured if you are planning on moving to Pattaya, you will be well serviced by the supermarkets and convenience stores.

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