Unusual Things to do in Thailand

Posted on 02 November 2012 by ABPC

So much to do in Thailand

When people think of Pattaya and Thailand they often think of sandy beaches, fine food and majestic temples. Whilst all of these things are available Thailand has so much more to offer would be tourists or long term residents.
Something unusual is the night time bicycle tours of Bangkok. Travel through the small streets in the cooler evenings on a guided tour taking in the historic Bangkok, the street vendors and more unusual sights that you may not see in the daytime at your own leisurely pace. These tours leave Khao San Road with Grasshopper Tours around 6pm and booking is advised.

The Tiger Temple at Sai Yok is also another popular venue for visitors to Thailand. Come face to face with tigers and even get the opportunity to pet them if you are brave enough! As this is a monastery appropriate dress must be worn and all visitors are advised against wearing brightly coloured clothes and will not be allowed to approach the tigers if they do so. The Tigers are brought out by the monks around 1pm for 3 hours and the monastery itself is open to the public from 12.30 to 3.30 every day.

In Thailand it is common place to see elephants. It is possible to take a Basic Mahout (Elephant Handler) Course in Chiang Mai. Learn about the anatomy firstly then learn how to bath, ride and even give basic commands to these majestic creatures. The courses last from 1-3 days with accommodation available and give you a truly unique experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Extreme caving is option for the more adventurous. The Spirit Well Cave located at Pang Mapha in Maehongson province is truly spectacular with an entrance the size of 2 football pitches. On entering the cave you descend 200 metres. The only way in and out of the cave is using a single rope technique so is certainly not for faint hearted or the infirm! At the base is a spectacular, collapsed cave with a primeval, untouched forest that is particularly unusual.
Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is of course something that Thailand is famous for and certainly uniquely Thai. Why not take the opportunity the master the discipline in a spectacular setting such as Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand? The training is available for all ages and for all standards and you will train 6 days a week with Muay Thai champions.
The Songkran Festival or Thai New Year is celebrated every year in April. Obviously celebrations take place throughout the country but to differing extremes. The festival is also known as the Water Festival as water is poured on people in celebration as well as powder being painted on your face. It is thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience but expect to get very wet so all electrical goods should be left at home or placed in waterproof containers.

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