The Sporting Life in Pattaya

Posted on 17 October 2012 by ABPC

So Much Sport in Pattaya!

Initially when preparing this article I was unsure where to begin and how to justify connecting Sport with Pattaya, but very quickly the list of sporting activities available in this town just begun to grow and grow. So much so this could have even warranted being a two part blog feature.

Let me start with a fact I came across in my research for this article: There are more sporting activities per square kilometer in Pattaya than anywhere else in Thailand.

Here are some of the key sports available for you to enjoy in Pattaya

(1) Football / 5-a-Side Football

Thailand is soccer crazy and this is seeing a significant number of high quality 5-a-side pitches appear throughout the city. Pitches of distinction include Planet Football and Chang Stadium both on Siam Country Club Soi in East Pattaya and the K-Stadium on the corner of Soi Baukhao and Pattaya Klang

(2) Cricket

There are two cricket teams that play in Pattaya at Horseshoe point in East Pattaya, the Asian All Stars and the Pattaya Cricket Club. Across Thailand in essentially expat locations you will find many more teams. Cricket is not generally popular with the Thais, but who knows this could very well change with time.



(3) Indoor Athletics Stadium

Even for expats that have lived in Pattaya for many years, this stadium remains somewhat of a secret, yet it shouldn’t be as it would rival stadiums found anywhere in the world. Located in East Pattaya on Soi Chaiyapreuk.

(4) Squash

For those of you that really like to exercise hard there are two squash courts open to the general public. Fairtex on Pattaya North has two courts while the Ambassador hotel on the Sukhumvit road has four courts. Both offer racquet and ball hire too.

(5) Gyms

In recent years there has been an explosion of gyms built in Pattaya, whether you are staying in Jomtien, Central Pattaya, East Pattaya or Naklua you will be able to find a good quality gym to enjoy a workout.

(6) Muay Thai

Thailand is the home of Muay Thai, the hardest hitting of all combat sports that is respected world over. In East Pattaya you will find the home of Muay Thai, called the Sityodtong, it is considered by Thai fighters as the finishing school for the greatest warrior’s world over.

(7) Swimming

Being a coastal city, Pattaya boasts a sandy coastline with a warm sea to swim in. Alternatively it is very easy to find a swimming pool to practice your back stroke.

(8) Wind and Kite Surfing

In naJomtien you will find a breezier coastline and as such you can partake in wind or kite surfing. Instructors are also present if you need lessons.

(9) Fishing

There is an abundance of fishing lakes all across Pattaya, with most being located in East Pattaya. Fishing rods, bait and even food is available at all these lakes. You can also book a deep sea fishing excursion at one of the many tourist centres in town.

(10) Badminton

Thais learn to play badminton from a young age; consequentially there are quite a few courts in Pattaya for this sport, such as the Euro Club on Soi Chaitaphun in East Pattaya.

(11) Golf

Who could forget golfing in Pattaya? In 2012 Pattaya was named by the largest golf association in the world, IAGTO, as the number one golfing destination in Asia and Australasia. There are 20 golf courses within a 50km radius of Pattaya City.



(12) Sport with Beer: Darts, Pool & Ten Pin Bowling

We could not resist including the sports for those of you that really must have a beer in your hand while enjoying a sporting challenge. The game of darts in this town has really grown in popularity over the last year or two and it is increasingly common to find a dart board in one of the local beer bars.

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