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The Benefits of Learning Thai

Posted on 02 August 2014 by ABPC

Whenever we moved to a new country we really should make the effort to learn the language and adapt to the culture.  Sadly as Brits we are probably the worst in the World at learning new languages and are generally quite lazy because so many people speak English. There are a number of benefits to learning a new language and of course Thai is no different.
One of the main advantages of being able to speak the native tongue is that you will be able to converse with the locals.  This may not be such of an issue in tourist hotspots and places that have a large expat community such as Pattaya but can be a major benefit if you travel elsewhere.  Being able to have a conversation, even if it is a broken conversation will make your whole experience all the more enjoyable and hopefully less stressful!

If you can speak the local language you will be able to order what you want.  This is a big advantage in shops but also in bars and restaurants if you can say a little more than chicken fried rice or a bottle of Heineken! Not only will you feel more confident, but there is also a greater chance of getting what you actually want rather than having to make do with what you are given!  There is nothing worse than eating something you don’t like just to be polite or indeed going hungry because you simply can’t stomach what has been put in front of you!

Speaking the language will also gain you more respect.  Many Thais are still frightened of foreigners or farangs as they are scared that they won’t be able to understand you or lose face.  If you can speak their language they will feel far more comfortable and you will then reap the rewards.  If they see that you are making the effort they are usually more than happy to try and help you.


Being able to understand Thai also has the benefit of knowing what people are saying about you! I think we have all been in shops and other areas where we have known that we have been the topic of conversation but not known what was being said.  I can’t imagine that there is one person who doesn’t have some level of interest!

There are a number of language schools around the city that can help you to learn Thai.  It is always an idea to speak to other people and they can advise you which ones are the best.

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