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Pattaya Tourism to be Driven by Chinese

Posted on 08 April 2013 by ABPC

Pattaya has become the key destination for Russians over the last five years and is accountable for 25% of all tourists visiting this city, but that dominance looks set to change. The driving growth now is the Chinese and Indian market, with China set to be the number one tourist coming to Pattaya within a couple of years.

It will be interesting to see how this trend will impact on the dynamics at play, with the Europeans already increasingly marginalized and many signs and menus now coming in Russian, English and Thai – Will we need Mandarin too?.

Golfing in Pattaya has gone from strength to strength which rightly resulted in it awarded the golfing destination of Asia and Australasia in 2012 by IAGTO, the largest golf association in the world. The Chinese are big fans of golf so this should be reflected in the golfing industry here. That would no doubt compromise the low golfing prices expats enjoy as golf courses become less reliant on the domestic market.

With such diverse appeal and multiple attractions it does beg the question as to what other countries will start to look at Pattaya as a family or couple resort and start visiting? With water parks the next big thing to be happening in Pattaya, one of which will be the largest in Asia, these single handedly will attract new visitors. The Asian markets are big fans of water parks, especially the Koreans.

If tourism continues to grow its not difficult to imagine surrounding areas like Rayong, Koh Semet and Koh Chang sharing some of this as others start to spread their wings outside of this city.

It appears Pattaya is set to become the destination in Thailand for huge tourist numbers which also means more investment and a changing face of what this city has to offer.

Next time you are in Pattaya take a look at the new nationalities now already here, it will surprise you just how quickly this change has happened!

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