Pattaya – The Golfing Destination of Asia & Australasia 2012

Posted on 05 November 2012 by ABPC

‘A Golfers Paradise’

There are certain ingredients needed for a great golfing holiday from great courses to play, ease of transport links to the right weather conditions and Pattaya has it all and much more; so it’s no wonder this has now been recognized on a global scale.

IAGTO are the leading golf tourist association in the world and are involved in 80% of all golf tour bookings, so when they give awards the golfing community sit up and take note. So news of Pattayas honour will have significant repercussions to this city, and that most likely means more people from all over the world visiting this city over the next few years and beyond.

Why did Pattaya win?

In previous years the award was given to a country, but such was Pattayas offer, especially now that the new motorway has improved travel times to the airport and that there are more quality hotels in the city, IGATO decided to change the rules – and Pattaya won as a standalone city. That is impressive.

It’s fairly normal for so called golfing regions to have around 2 or 3 golf courses near the main town, Pattaya has 20 golf courses within 50km of the city centre. With such choice it really makes for a golfers paradise, and also demands the golfer comes back year after year to try another course.

The courses also range in price so both budget and luxury golfer will be attracted to Pattaya as a destination. You can play a game of golf from between 5,000 and 1,000 baht so the scale of choice is vast.

So Much More to Offer

When it comes to marketing Pattaya to the golfing community this proves very easy. Pattaya has a warm climate all year round; the choice of hotels is massive, while when you combine this with a good selection of quality restaurants and nearby beaches the overall proposition is very appealing.

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