Pattaya knows how to Party!

Posted on 13 October 2012 by ABPC

Pattaya Night Life - A scene from the bustling Walking Street


Wonderful Nightlife

Pattaya is famous for its nightlife and its rock around the clock party reputation; if you need a place to party then look no further than this city of variety in the land of smiles (For the more relaxed around you, don’t let this put you off as the party areas are fairly well zoned these days).

Walking Street is iconic and for all you revelers, and even for all you non-revelers, this is well worth a visit for the sheer experience. We challenge you to find a street like it anywhere in the world. It’s crammed full of open beer bars, nightclubs and, of course, the Go Go bar. To walk from one end of the street to the other would take you around 20 minutes such is the magnitude of this area. The street is awash with street entertainers and tourists of all nationalities. It is a spectacle and memorable experience.


The emerging party circuit is Soi Baukhao and Soi LK, situated within Central Pattaya. The location has transformed from a fairly quiet guest room area with a scattering of beer bars to arguably the place to go on a regular basis. Every week it feels like a brand new coyote or Go Go bar is opening here, while the existing bars have upgraded considerably. It is a drinker’s paradise.

If you still hold affection for the traditional open air beer bars then they still do exist, notably Soi 7 and 8, while over in Jomtien there is a new beer bar complex with over 40 bars.

Increasingly Family and Couple Orientated

Without question Pattaya has evolved as it now welcomes more families and couples, this has seen growing popularity for nightclubs. In recent years these nightclubs have been attracting global superstars to play sets, such as Boy George and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. If you like clubbing then Walking Street is the place for you. There are many top clubs to discover here, such as Insomnia, Lima Lima and Mix Disco.

So, whatever your age, Pattaya – for all its changes – still knows how to party and have fun once it gets dark, while when the sun rises you can take advantage of the vast sandy coast line to lay and shake off your hangover from the night before.

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