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Navigating around Pattaya

Posted on 20 May 2014 by ABPC

Driving in any foreign country can be a daunting prospect and indeed Thailand is certainly no different. Pattaya in actual fact is somewhere that is relatively easy to navigate around with the city centre and Jomtien being particularly easy to navigate as all roads lead back from the beach.

The road network in Pattaya sounds complicate but, in reality can be divided into boxed areas. Firstly, when entering from the Sukhumvit Road you have Pattaya North Road, Pattaya Central Road and Pattaya South Road which all go from Sukhumvit Road to Pattaya Beach Road. These are the main roads travelling in this direction. Then travelling back towards the Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya Beach Road (obviously located on the seafront) you have Pattaya 2nd Road and Pattaya 3rd Road that are running parallel to both Pattaya Beach Road Sukhumvit Road. Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road are one way with Pattaya Beach Road heading to the south and 2nd Road heading to the north. You then have a number of smaller sois running from Pattaya Beach Road that are simply numbered from 1 to 13. These small sois are again one way running to Pattaya 2nd road alternately (usually with odd numbered sois going up and evens going down). Once you have grasped this concept the rest is easy and you can then start to explore the roads between Pattaya 2nd Road!

Night View

Pattaya has peak periods and can be a very busy place at certain times of the day and week with some roads best avoided during these times. Soi Buakhao which runs from Pattaya Central Road to Pattaya South Road between 2nd road which are Tuesdays and Fridays so the area is best avoided on these days. Most roads are busy on Friday afternoon when many people have finished work and a number of visitors arrive from Bangkok for a short break. Other busy times are the rush hours in the morning and evening as you would expect in any other city around the world. When major events are taking place in Pattaya such as Songkran, Pattaya International Music Festival or the Pattaya International Fireworks display, Pattaya Beach Road is likely to be closed causing chaos around the rest of the city.

So there you have a brief summary of Pattaya’s road work system and places to avoid during peak hours. Always remember to take the necessary precautions, drive carefully and enjoy our wonderful city.

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