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Learning Muay Thai

Posted on 06 August 2014 by ABPC

Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing is the Thai martial art sometimes known as “the art of eight limbs” due to the fact it uses fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet.  It has become practiced throughout the world since the twentieth century and has excellent health benefits and is often seen as the complete workout.


Muay Thai is something that is now extremely popular with many people choosing to travel to Thailand to visit specialist training camps.  These camps offer specialist training away from distractions by some of the leading trainers in country.   The facilities are usually second to none and fighters can learn the whole ethos not just the physical side of the sport.

There are a number of gyms around Pattaya that offer Muay Thai training but perhaps the best known and arguable the best gym is Fairtex on North Pattaya Road.  The facilities include 4 Olympic sized rings, a large bag area with several world class coaches who offer one on one training.  Training sessions are offered on daily basis in the evenings and the club is able to cater for everyone from beginner to professional fighters.  There is an in house equipment shop where you can buy anything that you need.  Fairtex is slightly more expensive than many other gyms in town but the facilities do warrant this.  Tony’s Gym also offers good facilities in South Pattaya and is considerably cheaper. Smaller gyms are available but the levels of training are not on a par with Fairtex.


Regular competitions are held around Pattaya with 2 professional boxing stadiums in the city.  Fairtex again offers regular, well organised competitions for all age groups and abilities.  These competitions are an excellent way to get started and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your safety is of paramount importance.


Muay Thai is an excellent way to build stamina, burn calories and de-stress.  Like all martial arts it encourages discipline in many aspects of your life.  The training involves both aerobic and anaerobic workouts and also requires fighters to retain a healthy lifestyle.  The sport is highly addictive with many people who take it up taking it very seriously and naturally feeling the benefits.

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