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Finding a Job in Thailand

Posted on 27 July 2014 by ABPC

It is many people’s dream to live and work in Thailand although finding a job is not always easy.  Over recent years there have been increased clamp downs on people working without a work permit and not having the correct visas.  To work in Thailand you will initially require the correct visa.  Normally this is a Non Immigrant B Visa that you need to obtain from outside of the Kingdom.  It is possible to work with a valid marriage visa as well.  Once you have the correct visa you can then begin the process of applying for your work permit.  This can take some time and it is illegal to work until everything has been completed for your work permit.

The most common jobs that people do in Thailand are teachers.  Most teachers will require a TEFL certificate which will allow them to teach English as a foreign language.  Most schools will employ foreigners to teach students English so the jobs are plentiful although most salaries are quite low and often the work is not full time.  The exceptions to this are the large international schools such as Regents or St Andrews but you would need to be a fully qualified teacher to teach at one of these schools as they are usually based on the UK’s National Curriculum.   


Another popular field that many people go into is the Real Estate industry.  Again there a number of agencies in the city so jobs are often available.  The problem with this field is that the market is a little saturated so often people find it difficult to make a good living unless they work for one of the more established companies.  There are also jobs available with developers but these can be a little harder to come by if you don’t have any experience.


If you are looking to get a job in Thailand there are a number of websites that you can look on.  Teaching jobs are often posted websites such as Craigslist or Thai Visa.  Jobs in the real estate industry tend to be advertised in local magazines or local websites as obviously they just relate to one specific city.  If you have other skills or would like to look at other industries you could consider website such as JobsDB, Monster, Careerjet or Tip Top Job.

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