Education Options in and around Pattaya

Posted on 19 October 2012 by ABPC

Quality Education Available in Pattaya

With the increasing number of Expats coming to live full time in Pattaya the need for high quality education and high quality schools has never been so important. Pattaya has an increasing number of international schools in and around the city. Many of these are highly respected both nationally and internationally with the differing schools catering for the naturally different budgets.

There is much therefore to consider as a parent when choosing a school for your child. Here are four schools within the area that you may wish to put onto your checklist.

Mooltripakdee International School

is located just off Soi Crocodile has a pre-school and kindergarten catering for children between the ages of 2 and 5 and a primary school catering for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The schools offer a broad syllabus to aid a child’s development and it is based largely on the British National Curriculum.

The Regents School

located close to the Highways 7 and 36 is again in East Pattaya is perhaps the best known school in the area. The school caters for early years schooling right through to their highly acclaimed 6th form. The syllabus is again based on the English National Curriculum but is amended slightly to cater for local requirements and a truly international education. The school also has the facility to cater for boarders.

St Andrews International School

situated on the outskirts of Pattaya. The school is again highly acclaimed and actually has 3 campuses within Thailand. Similar to the other schools, the syllabus is based on the English National Curriculum tweaked to give students an international education. The school also prides itself on developing youngsters as individuals and building their self esteem.

The ISE International School Eastern Seaboard

is wonderfully situated within the Burapha Golf Resort, some twenty minutes from Pattaya. ISE offers an American based curriculum for students from age three through high school graduation. They follow the American system as they believe this curriculum can be more easily adjusted to meet each student’s educational needs than a mandated national curriculum.

Education not just reserved for the young

In a city like Pattaya it is not just children who are looking for an education. Many adult visitors come here to gain an education themselves and this is reflected by the number of language schools that are opening offering Educational Visas. Although many people are skeptical about these types of visa due to the fact that they are open to abuse from people looking to stay in Thailand long term, the numbers of people who are genuinely interested in learning the Thai language cannot be questioned. There are a number of such schools in Central Pattaya alone. These include Pro Language, Walen and CTLS – all highly respected in their own right.

Education can be more than academic!

Of course education does not stop simply with academic subjects and languages. Pattaya has a number of schools offering everything from Thai cooking classes to Muay Thai (Thai Kick Boxing). Although these courses are often designed to be more recreational than educational, their popularity cannot be questioned. The Fairtex Muay Thai School located on North Pattaya Road is respected throughout the World for their teachings and their ability to be able to develop truly World Class fighters in first class surroundings.

Education in Pattaya can be fun and enjoyed by all ages!

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