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5 Interesting Fun Facts on Pattaya

Posted on 24 November 2012 by ABPC

Pattaya is a city built on fun and tourism, its offer may be changing and evolving but it is still a town designed to be enjoyed. So the basis for this blog is on having fun and so what better than to share some interesting fun facts on this city of diversity?

(1) 800 Beer Bars

The popular consensus to bar count, most notably credited by Duncan Stern the well know nightlife expert to Pattaya, is that there are 800 beer bars in town. Based on you visiting only 1 beer bar a day it would take you well over two years to visit them all. That’s some beer belly you would acquire in achieving this challenge!

(2) Growing Tourist Diversity

Pattaya is no longer reserved for the retired gentleman being the sole tourist type with Pattaya now increasing its appeal to more and more nationalities. This includes the Russians, Indian, Koreans and Chinese. Pattaya also attracts more and more families and couples than it has previously.

(3) 5 million Tourists a Year and Growing

Pattaya attracts 5 million tourists a year which is the same size of Egypt’s entire tourist numbers, and remember Egypt is home to the pyramids. Numbers look set to grow as we move into 2013.

(4) Why is East Pattaya known as the ‘Darkside’?

Among the expat community East Pattaya has affectionately been nicknamed the ‘Darkside’, the reason for this however is highly debatable. Many trace this back to the days when after a certain time East Pattaya would fall into darkness as it was the more quieter side to Pattaya that didn’t party like the case in Central Pattaya. Others will point to the reference of the Star Wars movie where you would find the ‘darkside’.

(5) Pattaya has been voted the #1 Golfing Destination across Asia and Australasia

The leading golf association in the world, IAGTO, that is involved in 80% of all golf tourist bookings voted Pattaya the top golfing destination, notably based on having 20 golf courses within 50km of the city, value for money and ease of transport from airport to hotel.

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