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Adding artificial grass to your garden could be a good idea

Posted on 20 August 2014 by ABPC

Everyone wants the perfect lawn, it completes the look and feel of a home and it offers a lawn that looks good all year round. A real grass lawn requires constant maintenance throughout the summer and can be severely affected by the weather as well as chemicals that may work its way onto the lawn. In effect, a real lawn is not guaranteed to look good all of the time. So why is it a good idea to add artificial grass to your garden?


Artificial grass offers a level of durability that real grass cannot offer. This means that it is not affected by heavy use, especially in areas where there may be heavy traffic and after wet weather there will be no muddy areas that are slippery which means no more muddy shoes or muddy animals. Sometimes a real lawn can become patchy which means that repairs have to be made, but with artificial grass it is perfect all of the time.

Maintenance is one thing that really puts people off having a real lawn, during the rainy months the grass needs a weekly cut and weeding on a regular basis and this can be hard work. Lawn mowers can be heavy and cumbersome for some people and the thought of having to get on their hands and knees to weed fills them with dread. An artificial lawn saves on the cost of having to keep a lawn looking good whilst also making life a lot easier if it isn’t possible or even practical to maintain.


As there is no requirement to water the grass or mow it as well as apply pesticides or even fertilisers there is a significant saving in cost as well helping the environment.  In those areas where there is a shortage of water or even a hosepipe ban, artificial grass is the perfect solution. Those people who are on water meters will also see huge savings as during hot weather it is believed that 75% of residential is used on lawns.

An artificial lawn will offer benefits that will make the lawn extremely desirable, turning the garden into a place that can be enjoyed and appreciated without the required work or maintenance. A garden can take a lot of time to get looking right, and even it requires constant upkeep in order to keep it looking good but with an artificial lawn this will be a thing of the past. With savings in time and costs there are more reasons to have an artificial lawn than there is to have a real lawn. It can be left for years with very little care which means all year round it will keep the garden looking bright and attractive, something that is not associated with a real lawn.



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