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Adding a Swimming Pool to your Property

Posted on 23 July 2014 by ABPC

Living in Thailand is a dream come true for most us and we all want to enjoy everything that is on offer to us.  Pattaya has many exciting things to do but like anywhere else in the World most of us enjoy our time relaxing at home.  A private pool may sound like the prefect addition to your home whilst at the same time adding value and making your property ‘different’ to those around you.

There are a number of different swimming pool companies in Pattaya, most of who have an excellent reputation and many years of experience.  Before deciding on the company that you wish to use for your pool you first need to decide a few things for yourself – or at least have some idea before getting any quotes.  For instance, how big do you want your pool to be? It may sound an obvious question but many people have no idea how big an 8 metre by 3 metre pool is so knowing the size of the pool vital.   Also do you want a salt water pool or a chemical pool? The salt water filtration system will be more expensive initially but is better for you and has cheaper running costs.  You really do need to have an idea of the basics before your starting getting quotes.

Lomatec 1

Some of the pool companies in Pattaya include Lomatec, Pattaya Swimming Pools and Bangkok Pools.  All of these companies have a good reputation with both Lomatec and Pattaya Swimming Pools having experience western staff that will be able to assist you and advise you with your requirements.  As with most things, it is well worth getting a quote from a few companies before you decide to proceed.  Prices can vary a lot so obviously you want the best price and the best level of workmanship.  There are often waiting lists for people looking to install a pool so try and plan well in advance so that your pool is ready for when you want/need it.  Remember, this is Thailand so always add a little bit of extra time to ensure that the job is completed!

Lomatec 2

A private swimming pool can literally add hundreds of thousands of baht to the value of your house and make it a far more attractive proposition.  Take into account most people who want a private pool want it to be just that, private – so perhaps consider raising the height of your perimeter wall.  Rental properties with private pools are also high in demand so if you are an investor again this is something worth considering.

Pool 3

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