What is CIPS?

Posted on 12 October 2013 by ABPC

To meet the needs of an ever expanding real estate industry, sales agents in Thailand will need to raise their knowledge and standards to meet AEC expectations in 2015 and without a doubt licensing of real estate agents in Thailand is sure to come.

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The “Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)” training program and certification will certainly solve the credibility problems facing so many within the Thai real estate industry that do not have the proper Real Estate education and certification necessary to gain international recognition.

Such education and certification offered through the Certified International Property (CIPS) course will allow graduating students the tools necessary to market and sell properties overseas and will cultivate positive relationships with our AEC real estate industry neighbors,

The standards learned and experienced in the Certified Property Specialists (CIPS) course and the real estate licensing soon to follow will offer Thai real estate agents the credibility and cutting edge to protect their own real estate interests and thus compete successfully against foreign real estate professionals competing in our Thailand real estate market.

The CIPS certification course will better position real estate agents in Thailand to engage with foreign real estate professionals as equals and capable of working together successfully.

The certification offered through the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course and its greatly improved knowledge base is exactly what real estate agents in Thailand need to face the rapidly growing global real estate industry making such certification imperative and necessary for professional brokers and sales agents throughout Thailand.

As a result of the CIPS certification, the ethics and professionalism of real estate agents in Thailand will be of an international standard and thus will be recognized globally.

CIPS certified graduates can greater assist in the successful promotion, marketing and sales of Thai real estate throughout the international property market place, which is a tremendous way to support and assist the many challenges facing Thai project owners and developers in the sale of their projects.

Such assistance from CIPS course graduates would be a tremendous help to the marketing and sale of the ever growing supply of properties coming on to the Thai real estate market each and every day, which is sure to greatly assist in producing much higher sales success for the Thai real estate industry.

The purpose and goal of the event is to connect the relationship Thailand CIPS 2013 business sentiment Thailand international. Starting from the local level in Thailand real estate. To create understanding of the relationships with foreign countries. Creating opportunities for business expansion. Foreign buyers or investors. Whether associations between entities in the private sector, government, and education. Real Estate Sales And Marketing (RESAM) recognizes the benefits and ways to expand the market. By using course training program “Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)” to promote the adoption of standards that make foreign sales agent or sales incentives. A level comparable to international standards or global level.

What is CIPS?

Many people wonder what CIPS is. CIPS is a certified real estate agent specializing in the international level. The people who go through training and pass an exam can be accepted as a real estate agent in more than 50 countries around the world. Because Thailand has not approved the law on becoming a real estate agent yet, confirmation of the sale of property has a standard and requires recognition of a training and course. CIPS was held in Thailand for only two times in the last five years. The last one was in 2008 and has not continued due to the high cost. And because there were no funds raised for the events, it has not been continued.

Because of all the questions and concerns that arise from the people, the CIPS program is a good way to boost the standards of the sales agents in Thailand and to promote a certain level of quality standards expected of each agent.

To prevent the problem of individual operators who claim that they are a real estate agent. Those who claim to be agents and have no experience in the real estate business cannot provide accurate information.
For an independent real estate agent, one can apply for the CIPS courses to build confidence and status as a professional sales representative in the global market. This creates a new image to each individual and is equivalent to that of a company’s image.
Buyers get bored easily with real estate in today’s competitive market place. There is a need to move to gain even more success in the international market, known as the “Go Inter”.
A license is needed for international recognition in the sales of real estate to promote services in overseas booths.
Thailand real estate market hits the neighboring properties and separates competing buyers, including investors because there is no standard of a foreign CIPS Course that will help the basic knowledge, education and business sentiment to rise to a higher level for further development.

Creating a Standardized Sales for December 2015 for the AEC Thailand real estate agent. This is going to happen soon and CIPS can help.
For example, the city of Pattaya, Real Estate Broker Association of Eastern Seaboard (REBA-ES) and Phuket, Phuket Real Estate Association (P-REA) and the Institute of Training and incentives. Company or groups, or even new sales incentives has recognized us. Moreover, the focus of the certification for a representative group of real estate broker or agent is to prevent selling to the Russians to remove the bad news about real estate. But these groups, participants need to demonstrate your interests and cooperation in international standards correctly and internationally.

What are the benefits for joining Thailand CIPS?
We have a lot of benefit and business opportunities let me say some examples;
• Network with key real estate professionals around the world.
• Join an exclusive network of 2500 CIPS members in more than 50 countries, with counterparts in more than 80 co-operating associations;http://www.realtor.org/intlprof.nsf
• Exchange transaction referrals with worldwide agents.
• Share information on your projects and real estate business with foreign real estate professionals.
• Earn prestige and new business with the CIPS designation. A recent study revealed that REALTORS® who earn the CIPS designation earn twice as much as those without the designation.
• Market yourself in “Who’s Who in International Real Estate”, both in print and online”.
• Reap the benefits of earning the CIPS designation

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