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Regents International School

Posted on 15 August 2014 by ABPC

Regents International School Pattaya, formerly known as The Regent’s School Pattaya, Thailand, is a British International School located on the Gulf of Thailand which offers British and international education to students age 2 until the age of 18 (Nursery to Year 13).

Founded in 1995, it began as a small school with 40 students but has since grown to possess a student body of over 1,000 pupils, with over 100 of those boarding on site. The school began as a response to cater for the growing number of expatriate families whose jobs were based in Pattaya or on the outskirts of the city.

Regents 1

Regent’s is located about 25 minutes from Pattaya Klang, right off of a main highway.  This makes access in and out of the school extremely convenient.  Parking is a slight issue if you’re a parent wanting to park right in front of the school but there are plenty of parking options available around that aren’t more than a 100m walk.

Though most of its students are day students, there are many students that reside on campus as it is also a boarding school. As a boarding school, Regents has a strong sense of community seven days a week. The boarders, who come from Thailand and across the world, are cared for by a professional team of boarding specialists.

Regents 3

Within the gigantic campus the school includes a 25-metre swimming pool, a full sized rugby and football pitch, a double gymnasium, and a 430-seat theatre. The school offers a unique approach to education in Thailand, it’s named High Performance Learning. As a result, their students develop into advanced thinkers. They become confident, curious, and open-minded, prepared to take risks and persevere.

The way teachers are interested in a child’s individual progress really attracts a lot of parents and quickly made the Regent’s school a popular choice here in Pattaya.

Regent’s School of Pattaya is definitely one of the better schools available in the area assuming it’s within your budget. A Year 1 (UK) student is approximately 150,000/term with three terms per year.


The Regent’s campus itself has a very classic look that’s very fitting with the name and British origins of the school.  Everything is clean and well kept with red brick construction.  All of the basic facilities you could expect such as a swimming pool, large athletic yard, and decent quality playground equipment for younger students are located on-site in a central area.

Arrival at the Regent’s Pattaya, even unprompted scheduled, is a good experience.  There is no problem getting a campus tour and introduction to the early year’s headmaster.  All of the staff are very involved with prospective parents

Three years ago the school opened their new Early Years/Admin Center.  This building primarily contains classrooms for Pre-nursery, Nursery, Reception, and Year 1 (UK) students.  The entire building is climate controlled so no matter what the weather there outside, the students are always able to play in the indoor play area.

Use of the physical fitness facilities are also built into the curriculum so students definitely get an opportunity to use it.  Physical fitness features highly into the early year’s program and the swim instructors are very patient when working with children during their weekly lessons.

Regents 2


Regent’s Pattaya Early Years classes are small with approximately 12-15 students in each class.  All of the classes have native English teachers as the primary instructors who do an excellent job of laying out a course structure that keeps parents and students involved.  Each class also has a Teacher’s Assistant who can be either English or Thai.  Having a Thai TA was an initial concern of mine, but the school does a good job of ensuring that students only speak English during school hours.

Instruction Quality

Instruction at Regent’s Early Years is very traditional.  There’s group reading, individual art activities, and class plays.  Technology such as computers is utilized, but does not even begin to replace the child/teacher interaction.  This is a very big plus to many parents who send their children to regents.

Another thing which is unique about Regent’s is the large mix of nationalities in the classes.  The brochures don’t lie about this.  Often classes are made up of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, British, Russian, and Italian children.  Thai students are actually in the minority, so it really is an international experience.  Parents also come from all walks of life and classes, so there’s a great mix for the parents also.

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