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8 Great Things You Should do Everyday to Enhance Your Life

Posted on 20 September 2014 by ABPC

We are all looking to improve our lives in anyway possible.  Most of us think of money, a good job, a sexy girlfriend or that nice car will be the answer.  Maybe they would, but what can we do on a daily basis that will make us feel better and improve our quality of life? Here are 8 ideas:

  1. Be positive

It is surprising what a difference being positive has on the quality of your life.  If you can see the good things, it gives you a better chance of being able to deal with the things that perhaps aren’t so great.  It will also impact on those around you.

  1. Smile

In the land of smiles a simply simile will make you feel better. If you smile at someone they will probably smile back.  See you have just made someone else feel better! Don’t you feel better now? Who knows, it may help you find that sexy girlfriend!


  1. Be kind to others

‘Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’ is an old fashioned saying but surprisingly accurate.  If you are kind to someone they will probably be kind back and this will certainly make your life easier and enhance your quality of life!

  1. Try to relax

Easier said than done but when we are relaxed we are happier, more practical and generally in a better position to deal with the everyday demands that life throws at us.  If we are relaxed it will be recognised by others and hopefully it will be replicated. If you find it hard to relax try a daily massage in one of mainly massage parlour around Pattaya

  1. Enjoy your surroundings

Sometimes we take our natural surroundings for granted as we see them everyday.  You might have stunning sea views, a beautiful garden or something else that others would be envious of.  Appreciate it for what it is – it certainly can’t harm your life and will hopefully enhance it! Maybe a walk along the beach would be a good daily activity

  1. Eat healthily

We all know we should do it but how many of us actually do? If we eat healthily our bodies will function better, we will feel and this will certainly enhance our lives.  There are lots a fruit stands around Pattaya that there really is no excuse


  1. Do more exercise

Without sounding like repetition we all know we should but…  Exercise is good for us and our bodies.  Just a few minutes exercise each day will release hormones making you feel better and therefore, guess what… enhancing our lives! Tony’s gym has over 10 locations now and are very cheap to join


  1. Appreciate what you have

Sometimes we forget how lucky we actually are.  Let’s not forget that there are far more people in a worse situation than us! Just drive out of Pattaya and look around, you will see

Enjoy the day ahead!

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