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Looking to retire in 2015

Posted on 09 January 2015 by ABPC

If you are looking to retire in 2015, what better place to do it than in Thailand? Thailand has changed a lot over recent years and is certainly catching up with the developed world at a rapid pace making it a more attractive place for shall we politely say, those in their later years.  Thailand has recently been voted one of the top places in the World to retire so it would seem the perfect place to relax and take things a little slower.


The cost of living generally is far lower than that we expect in the west with the standard of accommodation improving, seemingly on a year to year basis – again very reasonably priced when compared to other parts of the World.  Thailand and the big cities in particular now have access to world class healthcare and expat health insurance which is highly recommended and relatively easy to get hold of.


If we take Pattaya as an example for an ideal location to retire, it literally has everything on your doorstep.  If you are coming here as a single man, there is an abundance of bars and restaurants serving western food so you really will feel like it is a home from home.  There is strong expat presence as well in Pattaya so making new friends will be easy as you are sure to find some like minded people.  If you need help with the daily chores such as cooking and cleaning a local friendly maid will be easy to find and reasonably priced.  There are laundries quite literally all over the town so getting your washing done is something that you will never need to worry about again!  In fact everything that you need and any service you require will be easily satisfied if you ask the right people!


There are a number of activities that you can become involved in.  These range from pool and darts leagues, golf societies, chess and book clubs and even expat clubs – whatever you are interested in you will find that other people will be interested in the same things too!

So long as you meet the criteria, obtaining a retirement visa is relatively easy as well.  There are a number of reputable visa companies around that will be able to help you with this and make your stay as pain free as possible!  It is certainly worth having a look at the options as Thailand certainly is an excellent place to retire.

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10 Key Thai Phrases Needed in Improve your Stay in Thailand

Posted on 30 August 2014 by ABPC

Sadly, as predominantly English speakers we are often lazy at learning new languages.   Not only would be helpful to speak another language (especially if you are staying in the country for a considerable amount of time) but would been seen as more polite by those around you.  English is widely spoken in Pattaya but not always to a sufficient standard and often things get misunderstood or translated incorrectly. If you live or even stay in Thailand it is always an advantage to speak a little bit of the language and below are 10 stock phrases that will help you during your stay here.

thai language


  1. Sawadee Ka/Khrap – This is ‘hello’ in Thai. The Sawadee part is the initial greeting with Ka (if you are female) and Khrap (if you are male) added at the end to make the sentence more polite.

  2. Sabai dee mai? – This literally translates to ‘comfortable no’ but would roughly be translated to ‘how are you?’  The response is likely to be ‘sabai dee Ka/Khrap’.  Sabai dee literally meaning ‘comfortable good’.  Again Ka/Khrap are added to add politeness.

  3. Koon chue a-rai – This is literally translated to ‘your name what?’ or ‘what is your name?’  The response would be Pom/dichan chue________ with pom being for the male and dichan being for a female.

  4. Kawp koon Ka/Khrap – This means thank you again with the male and female to add politeness.

  5. Kaw Toht – This literally means ‘request punishment’ although it’s more useful meanings are ‘Excuse me’ or ‘I’m sorry’.

  6. Poot pah-sah angkrit dai mai? When all else fails you can always ask the person ‘Do you speak English?’

  7. Mai Kow jai – This literally means ‘not enter heart’ but in reality means ‘I don’t understand’.  This is the opposite to ‘Kow Jai’ meaning ‘I understand’.

  8. Nee tow-rai? This translates to ‘this how much’ or ‘how much is this?’

  9. Pom/dichan dtawng-gahn_____. This translates to ‘I would like______’ again with Pom being for a male and dichan for a female.

  10. Mai-ow ka/Krap – This translates to ‘not want’ with the ka and khrap being used to add politeness, again in the female and male tense.


Thankfully the employees at Alan Bolton Property Consultants have a good grasp of English (they are English) so if its taking you some time to get familiar with these phrases you will still be able to sort out your properties  needs easily and conveniently from them!

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The Process of Getting a Retirement Visa

Posted on 29 July 2014 by ABPC

The process of obtaining any visa in Thailand can be quite complicated but this is a brief guide to the things that you will require to get the process started.  Initially you will need to obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa.  To do this you will need your passport, and proof of funds (THB800,000 in a Thai bank account, income of THB65,000 per month or a combination of both totalling THB800,000).


After you have obtained your initial Non-Immigrant Visa and so long as you are over 50 years of age you can then apply for your 1 year Retirement Visa.  For this you will need:

  • Passport (signed copies of each page)

  • Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Departure Card TM.6

  • Proof of meeting Financial Requirements

  • Thai Bank Book (original)

  • Letter from your Thai Bank

  • Three(3) 4×5 cm photos, with full face taken

Once you have your Retirement Visa you will need to report to Immigration every 90 days.  Although this can be frustrating, it is a fairly quick process especially if you go earlier in the day.  If you need to leave Thailand for whatever reason you will need to obtain a re-entry permit prior to travel.  This will enable you to continue staying in Thailand on your existing visa.


When it comes to renewing your Retirement Visa you will need to go through most of the above process again.  You will not need a new Non-Immigrant Visa so long as you are renewing the visa in Thailand and your existing visa has not expired.  If it has, you will need to leave the Kingdom and obtain another Non-Immigrant visa from a Consul or Embassy outside of the country and begin the whole process again.

As the process can be quite complicated and drawn out it is always advisable to use the services of a reputable visa company such as Five Star Visa that operate out of the Sportsman Pub on Soi 13, Pattaya Beach Road.  A reputable company will have years of experience and will know exactly what is required.  They will be able to check all your documents thoroughly to ensure that everything is in order.   If anything is missing they will be able to tell you there and then rather than you going back and forth to Immigration.  The service may cost marginally more than if you were going to do it on your own but it will certainly take away a lot of the stress and this again goes for renewals as well.

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House Removal Firms in Pattaya

Posted on 05 July 2014 by ABPC

Moving house or home is widely regarded as one of the most stressful things that we do in our adult lives.  This can be made all the more stressful when you are moving house in a country that you are unfamiliar with.  Many people use the services of a professional removals team who can help you pack up all your belongings and safely transport them to your new home.  Not only can these companies move items within Thailand, but for those longer term residents they can even organise shipping from your home country direct to your door here in Pattaya.


Shipping companies are excellent if you are looking to move items from abroad.  Here in Pattaya there are a number of companies setup to take away as much of the stress of moving as possible.  Many of these companies will provide a personally tailored service to cater for your individual needs.  One company is called JVK International Movers.  They actually offer a “Settling in Programme” that caters for every eventuality from arranging the correct documentation for customs, arranging your driving license, shipping of furniture and even include a service for getting clearance for your pet to move to Thailand as well!  JVK can also help people who are looking to relocate their offices or factories.  With the tax benefits of doing business in Thailand this may become a more attractive service.


However, if you live in Thailand you may feel that a removals company is too much and unnecessary especially if you are just moving from condo to condo.  At this point it is probably worth doing something similar to what you would do in your home country – hire a van or pickup! Ok, you may have to do the work yourself and it may take a couple of journeys but it will undoubtedly be considerably cheaper than paying for an unnecessary team of professionals to come and pack away your belongings.

Here in Pattaya there are a number of firms offering pick ups for hire but now more than ever you want to make sure that the vehicle has the correct insurance.  There would be nothing worse than being involved in a major accident and seeing all your personal belongings destroyed only to find that the vehicle you were driving didn’t have the correct insurance.  Rental vehicles need first class rental insurance anything else is not sufficient.  Make sure you choose a reliable company such as Pattaya Rent a Car to provide you with your vehicle.  They maybe slightly more expensive but isn’t it worth paying that little bit extra just for that piece of mind?


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