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The Colosseum Pattaya

Posted on 31 December 2014 by ABPC

The recently opened Colosseum Cabaret Show located on Threprassit Road in Jomtien is the largest ladyboy (transvestite) show in the whole of Asia with a seated capacity of over 1000, 350 of which are classed as VIP seats. All of the seats are located in a semi circle to ensure that all visitors have an unobstructed view. The Colosseum is well located in Jomtien so there is easy access to theatre especially for visitors coming from out of town.  The Colosseum, needless to say is designed to look like the Colosseum in Rome and came in at a cost of around THB400 million.


The show itself describes itself as ‘glitzy and glamorous’ with spectacular costumes are well choreographed dance routines.  The Colosseum Show’s vision is clear and that is to be an innovative, world class and a unique cabaret show with the aim of complimenting the huge, world class arena.  The venue prides itself on having well trained, quality staff who see customer service as a priority as well as having and professional performers that support their slogan ‘Leader of Modern Cabaret Show.’


Tickets are available around the town from travel agents, hotels as well as freelance guides who are in a position to offer you significant discounts on the already very reasonably priced tickets.  There are 3 shows daily.  These start at 18:00, 19:30 with a final show commencing at 21:00.

A lot of thought has gone into the facilities to ensure that the Colosseum really is an industry leader.  The venue provides wheel chair support for the disabled, as well as lifts, ramps and escalators. The location offers a cafeteria, bar lounges as well as tour guide and VIP rooms.  VIP seats start at just THB1000.


If you are concerned about how you will get to the Colosseum transport is available for anyone staying inside Pattaya which they deem to be “Sukhumvit Road – Between Banglamung police station and Ambassador Hotel”.  The charge for this is a mere THB100 per person.  For anyone living further a field, transport is still available but with a small additional cost

If you are travelling by car, ample parking is available both in and around the Colosseum with room for 450 vehicles on the 17 acres of land surrounding the project, so this really shouldn’t be an issue and gives the Colosseum a large advantage over some of the other shows around the town.

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Where are the up and coming locations in Pattaya?

Posted on 22 December 2014 by admin

There is little doubt that Pattaya as a city is constantly growing in size so everyone is looking for the next place to ‘bag a bargain’.  It seems that wherever you go there is construction work going on in some form with very few bits of land remaining and those that are tend to be incredibly expensive resulting in developers shying away as getting return on these new projects would be difficult to achieve.  It is fair to say that north, central and south Pattaya are nearly impossible to find land as too is Pratamnak so where are the places where you can still get a bargain, or at least buy some land?

Huay Yai

Huay Yai is located to the south of Jomtien as is still an up and coming area.  There are a number of housing projects in this area although there is talk of the potential development of condominiums as well.  Previously people had been put off by the location saying that travel to Pattaya and elsewhere took too long.  However, since the bypass running along the side of the railway track was opened this is no longer an issue.  There is also easy access to both the Sukhumvit Road and 36 Highway.  There are 7 Elevens, shops and restaurants available in the area.


Bang Saray

Bang Saray is further south of Huay Yai on the way to Sattahip and is a quiet, picturesque location with ocean and mountain views.  Prices tend to be on the high side but if you want serenity and quality then you have to pay for it.  Bang Saray has one of the best beaches in the area and the small town has plenty of shops, restaurants and bars.  Both housing projects and condominiums are available as well as pieces of land for those looking to build their own dream home.  Again there is easy access to most locations via the Sukhumvit Road.

Bang Saray

East Pattaya

Although East Pattaya is rapidly expanding there are still undeveloped areas around the lakes of Mabprachan and Chaknork.  These pieces of land are only really suitable for individual houses or housing projects but quite popular nevertheless.  It is always worth speaking to a reputable estate agent and asking them to try and source land on your behalf.

East Pattaya

Some areas of Naklua and Jomtien

Although most of Naklua and Jomtien are already developed there are still some plots of land available. Again these tend to be on the pricey so getting help from an agent is always advisable.

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Mimosa, Pattaya

Posted on 18 December 2014 by admin

The Mimosa complex is located just to the south of Pattaya, opposite the Ambassador Hotel and opened in February 2013. The complex has a range of shops, restaurants and shows to cater for everyone and cost a staggering THB1000 million to build and is situated on 50 acres of the land. The ‘City of Love’ can host up to 10,000 people a day and is open from 10am until 10pm.


The design of Mimosa is based on the small French town of Colmar that is located close to the border with Germany. The buildings are designed in a medieval way, much the same as the town in France. The buildings are colourfully decorated with the intention of giving a romantic, European feel with ducks and swans even swimming on the canals giving Mimosa the nickname of ‘Little Venice’.

The shopping zone inside Mimosa has more than 300 units including shops and restaurants offering international foods, snacks, imported beverages and traditional ice cream parlours. There are even boutiques and spas in this area. All of the products that are available come under the Mimosa Local Brand with the intention of helping and supporting local businesses and people. All of the products that are available are different from those that you would find in department stores in downtown Pattaya.

Mimosa Plaza Na Jomtien - Pattaya | Thailand

The complex offers a range of shows and competitions throughout the year which prove to be extremely popular with Thai Nationals but foreign visitors are more than welcome to come and enjoy the experience. Shows include beauty contests, Garden of Love parties as well as parties celebrating lunar events to name but a few. This really is a place to visit with your loved ones if you are looking to spend a romantic Sunday together as there really is nothing else quite like it in the Pattaya area.

Mimosa Plaza Na Jomtien - Pattaya | Thailand

Although Mimosa is still relatively new it is extremely well maintained and looked after. Needless to say, it has already proved to be very popular and with ample parking it should be a relaxing way to spend the day. Due to the location of Mimosa it is a great place to visit on a day of sightseeing with a number of other attractions close by including Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens and the Floating Market. This really offers a small part of Europe just a few minutes drive out of the centre of Pattaya. Why not try and explore this facility in the near future?

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Silverlake Vineyard, Pattaya

Posted on 06 December 2014 by ABPC

The Silverlake Vineyard, home of The Siam Winery is located between Pattaya and Bang Chang close to the Buddha Mountain at Bang Saray.  It is a very popular destination for both tourists and expats alike.  At many times of the years visitors are able to see the grapes on the vines and understand the whole process of the wine production.  The grapes are obviously not available throughout the year due to their seasonal nature but there is still plenty to see and do whatever the season although it should also be taken into account that there is little cover and it can be very hot in the afternoons.


The actual vineyard itself is owned by a Thai actress, Supansa Nuangphirom who visited a number of vineyards in the United States and decided to open one of her own here in Thailand.  Silverlake was seen as the perfect location because of its close proximity to Pattaya and its already established reservoir making cultivation easier.  The vineyard is particular popular with Thai Nationals, especially those from Bangkok visiting Pattaya at weekends.  The location is seen as a place of natural beauty and a romantic place for lovers to go and appreciate the stunning views and sunsets.


Silverlake is developing as more of a destination with more and more activities and grape related products becoming available.  The relatively recent additions to activities include, elephants, horse drawn carriages and ATV’s making it more attractive to families.  In addition to the wine you can also purchase raisins, grape juice, grape jam etc all produced from the grapes grown at the vineyard.


A food court offering more simple Thai food is available as well as an excellent Italian Restaurant offering both western and Thai food which would be perfectly complimented by a glass of wine from the vineyard.  Visitors are also welcome to bring their own picnics and sit around the reservoir.  As already mentioned about the afternoon heat, make sure you cover up, early evenings are maybe a better time for a picnic and the evening times are also highly recommended to appreciate the full, natural beauty of the location.

Getting to Silverlake is relatively simple. If you are travelling by car from Pattaya, head south down the Sukhumvit Road towards Bang Saray.  The turn is well signposted and easy to find.  Taxi meters, Songtaews (Baht Bus) and organised coach trips also go to the vineyard on a daily basis but it is probably too far to go by smaller motorbikes.  This really is an excellent day out and should not be missed.

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10 Things to Do in and around Pattaya

Posted on 13 November 2014 by ABPC

Pattaya is certainly a unique place in many respects but there are lots of things to do regardless of the time of year that you visit or if you are a long term resident or just here for a short break.  Below are just 10 suggestions of things that you could do whilst staying in Pattaya:

  1. Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is located on Soi 12 at Naklua.  The building is an ornate, wooden structure that was completed surprisingly recently given it’s appearance.  This is an excellent place to spend time with the family.

7 Sanctuary of Truth

  1. Mimosa

Mimosa is located in Na Jomtien and is a complex containing a wide variety of shops and restaurants as well offering a number of different shows.

  1. Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens can be found on Sukhumvit Road on the way to Bang Saray which is a few kilometres to the south of Pattaya itself.  The gardens have won a number of awards over the years and are extremely well maintained.  There are also shops restaurants and a few animals to view.

  1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

A great day for the family which includes a Haunted Adventure, 12D Moving Theatre, Madam Tussaud’s Wax works and an Infinity Maze to name just a few of the attractions that are on offer!

  1. Play Golf

Golf is an excellent pastime wherever you are in the World but with the number of Championship standard courses around Pattaya this really is a great place to play! There are a number of golf societies as well so meeting new friends and getting a few rounds in is easy.


  1. Scuba Diving

There are a number of diving schools in Pattaya so learning is easy! The year round climate also helps but there are a number of wrecks and reefs to be appreciate within a short distance of Pattaya.

  1. Cartoon Network Water Park

The recently opened water park is a great place to spend a day with the family.  This modern facility is one of the best in Asia and just a few minutes drive from Pattaya, heading south towards Bang Saray.

  1. Visit Koh Larn

Everybody likes to visit the islands and Koh Larn is only about a 40 minute ferry crossing from Bali Hai Pier.  The clear waters and sandy beaches are picturesque and appealing so why not make the most of something that is so close by?

  1. Silverlake

The Silverlake Vineyard is another option to visit with the family.  It is located between Pattaya and Bang Chang and has the mountain with a golden Buddha overlooking it.


  1. Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

Located just 15 minutes away from Central Pattaya is place for nature lovers.  It takes in everything from plant to mineral as well as the animal kingdom!


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5 Reasons to Live in Naklua

Posted on 08 November 2014 by ABPC

There are lots of great places to live in Pattaya and Naklua is just one of them! Below are a five reason why you might want to choose to live in Naklua above any of the other locations!

  1. Quality Condominiums

Pattaya has some excellent condominiums throughout the city but Naklua has some with direct beachfront access such as Northpoint, Zire and Sky Beach to name just a few!  Most of the condos on sois 12, 16 and 18 are in the mid range to upper range brackets in terms of their quality.  Most have experienced management teams in place that have been there for several years.


  1. Excellent Restaurants and Shops

Naklua has an abundance of shops both in terms of boutiques and for general shopping and it seems virtually impossible to walk more than a few metres without passing a 7 Eleven or Family Mart.  The area also has a wide selection of restaurants including Korean, Russian, Italian and French as well as naturally Thai restaurants.

  1. Quiet Area

Naklua is generally one of the quieter areas of the city in spite of the building work that is going in.  The bars that do operate late at night are some distance from the condos and very few restaurants play load music except for special occasions.  Recent improvements have been made to the beach so beach area is expected to remain relatively quiet with very few activities on offer although there are a few beach front restaurants.


  1. Cosmopolitan

Naklua, like much of Pattaya is certainly cosmopolitan.  In years gone by it was primarily a German and English area.  Although percentage wise, these visitors have reduced in numbers the area is still their home as well as that of many Russian, Korean and Chinese guests.  The shops and restaurants in the area certainly add to this feel as mentioned above.


  1. Close to Everywhere

As we have already stated, Naklua is a quiet area but it is still close to the heart of the city and getting there takes just a matter of minutes.  There are a number of motorbike taxis located on all of the sois with a large number of Baht Buses available on Naklua Road.  The 7 Highway and the 36 Highway are easy to get to making Bangkok, Rayong and other places further afield easily accessible.  This is one of the main advantages over places such as Pratamnak and Bang Saray.

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The Future of Pattaya

Posted on 10 September 2014 by ABPC

Pattaya is a city that is forever changing and evolving and is without a doubt becoming more family orientated.  Pattaya used to have shall we say – a questionable image and I think it would be very hard to deny that this was probably fair.  Over the years a lot of effort has been made to change the imagine of Pattaya and make it more attractive to a wider audience.  The demographics of Pattaya have certainly change over recent years both in terms of the type of tourist that is coming to visit and the groups of people who are choosing to come and live here.

future 3

Over recent years we have seen a big change in the nationalities that are coming over here en masse.  It wasn’t so long ago that most of the visitors were from Western Europe, North America or Australasia.  Now it seems more likely that you will bump into Russians, Chinese or Koreans rather than Brits or Germans.  Of course we are seeing more families come too – something that you would certainly not have considered just a few years.  These are both families coming on holiday and those coming to live here – often through employment at one the large multinational companies that are based in the area.  This seems to be a trend that is growing and likely to continue long into the future.

future 1

Of course there is a reason why Pattaya is attracting more of these groups and that is the fact that we are so close to the capital Bangkok and the international airport. Pattaya now has a wider range of activities that people can participate in.  Whilst the nightlife is certainly still in existence, the city has a whole new world of other things on offer.  It has been mentioned a thousand times but one of the big attractions to the area is the large number of high quality golf courses in the area.  There are around 20 championship standard courses with an hour’s drive of Pattaya, so this is something that is popular throughout the year.  Again this is something that will probably carry on long into the future and the courses are relatively cheap and there are a number of golf societies around the town.

future 2

As we touched upon earlier there are an increasing number of families coming to city for holidays so there must be something to attract them!  In all honesty there are loads of things for families to do in Pattaya.  We have a number of shows, shopping centres, water parks and even botanical gardens not to mention the zoos close by.  Families are well catered for so really you can only imagine this group will only increase in the future and it seems to be the group that the city is openly encouraging.

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A Day Trip to Nearby Koh Larn

Posted on 06 September 2014 by ABPC

The island of Koh Larn is the closest island to Pattaya and can be seen if you look across Pattaya Bay.  The island is around 40 minutes away from Bal Hai Pier if you travel by one of the old fishing boats that have been converted into ferries.  These leave the pier on a frequent basis and are very reasonable priced.  The boats do fill up quickly and vary where they land as the island has 2 piers, one on the East side and one to the West.  It is nearly impossible to determine where they land until you arrive!


For those people looking to arrive at the island quicker or perhaps in more style, there are a number of speedboats making regular trips across the bay.  The prices are quite high although this can be greatly reduced is you are part of a large group. It is possible to negotiate especially in the low season.  Life jackets are available and after the recent accidents a great deal of effort has been made to improve the safety of these types of tours.


Once you are on the island there are a few beaches to choose from with most popular being either Tien Beach or Samae Beach.  Both of these beaches have a number of small restaurants and bars located on the beach themselves.  Tien Beach in particular offers a range of water sports for those who are looking to be more adventurous.  Regardless of which beach you go to, you will be pleasant surprised at the long stretches of golden sand and stunning blue sea.  The beaches here really are a great place to relax and are far better than those on offer in Pattaya itself.

In recent years a number of small resorts have opened on the island.  Although maybe not as lavish as some resorts in Pattaya and beyond, they are excellent getaways.  Most have excellent sea views looking back across the bay towards Pattaya and Jomtien.  The rates start at as little as THB800 per night and most offer air conditioning and hot water as standard. One that we recommend would be Suntosa Resort


All in all, Koh Larn is an superb place to visit for just a day or a short break with it’s close proximity to Pattaya.  It is certainly worth a visit and an excellent place to spend time with the family.

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5 Reasons to live in Pratamnak

Posted on 27 August 2014 by ABPC

Pratamnak is widely regarded as being one of the most prestigious locations within the Pattaya area.  Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Pattaya but literally just a few moments away Pratamnak is seen by many as the ideal place to live and stay. Below we look at 5 reasons why you might want to live there.

  1. The Beaches

The many beaches in the Pratamnak area are probably the finest in the Pattaya and Jomtien area.  The beaches are generally clean with small restaurants close by selling traditional Thai food and drinks.  They have long stretches of golden sand overlooking the bay across to Koh Larn making this an ideal location to sit back and relax after a busy day.


  1. The Restaurants

Pratamnak has an abundance of quality restaurants catering for every taste and every budget.  These restaurants can be found in almost every soi meaning that you never have to travel too far from home before you come to a superb choice of both Thai and International cuisine. Some recommendations include Tara Court, the lounge and the Chow Box

  1. Quiet

Although the area is getting increasingly developed, Pratamnak is still one of the quietest areas of the city.  Loud bars and nightclubs are certainly out in this part of the city so this makes it an ideal place to live for couples and families.  The sois are relatively quiet in comparison to other areas of the city again increasing the appeal of the area to families, especially those with young children.

Pratumnak 2

  1. Quality places to live

There are a number of quality condominiums and houses in the Pratamnak area. The condos range from some small, boutique style condos to elegant high rise accommodation.  Again these condos can cater for any budget ranging from the cheaper end to the height of luxury meaning that they are accessible to everyone.  Houses are generally towards the higher end of the range and budget. For properties details in the pratumnak area click here

  1. Close proximity to everywhere

Although Pratamnak is situated on the outskirts of the main city it is literally a 5 minute drive to both Pattaya and Jomtien.  Taxis are readily available if you don’t have your own transport.  The excellent road network means that the 7 and 36 Highways are easy to get to for those looking to travel further a field.

Pratumnak 1

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Massive Condo Development in Pratamnak over last 5 years

Posted on 20 July 2014 by ABPC

Anyone who has been coming to Pattaya for a few years now will have seen massive changes in area certainly in terms of the number of condominiums that are being constructed.  Pratamnak Hill located between Bali Hai and Jomtien is one of the areas that has seen as a massive influx in the number of visitors and with it a huge increase in the number of condos being built.  Indeed the skyline in Pratamnak is almost unrecognizable from 5 years ago.


It seems like every soi has seen massive increase in the number of developments with both high and low rise buildings springing up.  All of the major developers including Nova Group, Heights Holdings and Matrix have a number of projects in the area so they obviously see it as an up a coming location.

It seems hard to believe that just a few years ago most of the land was scrub land and empty.  Land prices were relatively cheap making it initially attractive to some of the smaller and up and coming developers.  All this changed as the larger developers started buying up large pieces of land, some to build on immediately and some to hold although the number of plots left remaining these days is few are far between.  Those that are left are remaining tend to be either very expensive or too small for the developers to turn into sizable projects.


The Pratamnak area was already regarded as one of the most prestigious areas of the city with many of the upmarket hotels already in the area with others currently under development.  It is perhaps because of these hotels, quality restaurants and some of the better beaches in the area that Pratamnak is so popular.

One Tower

It is hard to say what will happen in the next 5 years in the area although it seems unlikely that the changes will be so extreme.  As stated above, the land plots that are remaining are few and far between.  Perhaps the only options available will be the redevelopment of existing older properties and some of the shop houses located towards the top of most sois.  Many businesses have already moved to the area having recognized the potential with the number of people who will be moving into the location.  

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