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Mimosa, Pattaya

Posted on 18 December 2014 by admin

The Mimosa complex is located just to the south of Pattaya, opposite the Ambassador Hotel and opened in February 2013. The complex has a range of shops, restaurants and shows to cater for everyone and cost a staggering THB1000 million to build and is situated on 50 acres of the land. The ‘City of Love’ can host up to 10,000 people a day and is open from 10am until 10pm.


The design of Mimosa is based on the small French town of Colmar that is located close to the border with Germany. The buildings are designed in a medieval way, much the same as the town in France. The buildings are colourfully decorated with the intention of giving a romantic, European feel with ducks and swans even swimming on the canals giving Mimosa the nickname of ‘Little Venice’.

The shopping zone inside Mimosa has more than 300 units including shops and restaurants offering international foods, snacks, imported beverages and traditional ice cream parlours. There are even boutiques and spas in this area. All of the products that are available come under the Mimosa Local Brand with the intention of helping and supporting local businesses and people. All of the products that are available are different from those that you would find in department stores in downtown Pattaya.

Mimosa Plaza Na Jomtien - Pattaya | Thailand

The complex offers a range of shows and competitions throughout the year which prove to be extremely popular with Thai Nationals but foreign visitors are more than welcome to come and enjoy the experience. Shows include beauty contests, Garden of Love parties as well as parties celebrating lunar events to name but a few. This really is a place to visit with your loved ones if you are looking to spend a romantic Sunday together as there really is nothing else quite like it in the Pattaya area.

Mimosa Plaza Na Jomtien - Pattaya | Thailand

Although Mimosa is still relatively new it is extremely well maintained and looked after. Needless to say, it has already proved to be very popular and with ample parking it should be a relaxing way to spend the day. Due to the location of Mimosa it is a great place to visit on a day of sightseeing with a number of other attractions close by including Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens and the Floating Market. This really offers a small part of Europe just a few minutes drive out of the centre of Pattaya. Why not try and explore this facility in the near future?

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