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How the journey from Bangkok to Pattaya has changed in the last 20 years

Posted on 12 July 2014 by ABPC

The journey from Bangkok to Pattaya has changed beyond all recognition over the last 20 years.  The original journey took place solely along the Sukhumvit Road travelling through Chonburi, Sirracha and Laem Chabang amongst other small towns on the route.  The journey could easily take 5 hours on a good day with delays to be expected as you were travelling through the towns and cities.  There was far less traffic in those days but the roads were not of the quality or width that they are today and it was easy to get behind a slow moving lorry, bus or car for that matter that could easily add another hour on to your journey if you were unlucky.


A few years later we started to see the motorway network start to develop, not all the way to Pattaya but as far as Chonburi and slightly beyond.  This started to reduce journey times as the centre of Chonburi could now be avoided and as too, a few years later could Sirracha.  The distance and travelling time now made Pattaya easily accessible for a weekend break which naturally meant Pattaya started to attract more visitors at the weekend, foreigners and Thais alike.  The improved roads meant that the journey time from the airport was also significantly reduced making Pattaya a more attractive tourist destination.

7 highway

A few years later saw the motorway get as far the Regents School and the Highway 36.  This significantly reduced journey times as you could now avoid all the small towns between Bangkok and Pattaya.  The journey time now was around 2 hours and commuting then became realistic.  The final section of the Highway 7, up until Pattaya Klang was soon completed although closed to traffic for many years whilst the final section, the flyover at the Sukhumvit Road was completed.  This seemed to take many years to start let alone a finish but was completed just over 4 years ago.  This leaves us with what we know today and this final section again knocked a further 30 minutes off the journey.

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