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5 Reasons to Live in Naklua

Posted on 08 November 2014 by ABPC

There are lots of great places to live in Pattaya and Naklua is just one of them! Below are a five reason why you might want to choose to live in Naklua above any of the other locations!

  1. Quality Condominiums

Pattaya has some excellent condominiums throughout the city but Naklua has some with direct beachfront access such as Northpoint, Zire and Sky Beach to name just a few!  Most of the condos on sois 12, 16 and 18 are in the mid range to upper range brackets in terms of their quality.  Most have experienced management teams in place that have been there for several years.


  1. Excellent Restaurants and Shops

Naklua has an abundance of shops both in terms of boutiques and for general shopping and it seems virtually impossible to walk more than a few metres without passing a 7 Eleven or Family Mart.  The area also has a wide selection of restaurants including Korean, Russian, Italian and French as well as naturally Thai restaurants.

  1. Quiet Area

Naklua is generally one of the quieter areas of the city in spite of the building work that is going in.  The bars that do operate late at night are some distance from the condos and very few restaurants play load music except for special occasions.  Recent improvements have been made to the beach so beach area is expected to remain relatively quiet with very few activities on offer although there are a few beach front restaurants.


  1. Cosmopolitan

Naklua, like much of Pattaya is certainly cosmopolitan.  In years gone by it was primarily a German and English area.  Although percentage wise, these visitors have reduced in numbers the area is still their home as well as that of many Russian, Korean and Chinese guests.  The shops and restaurants in the area certainly add to this feel as mentioned above.


  1. Close to Everywhere

As we have already stated, Naklua is a quiet area but it is still close to the heart of the city and getting there takes just a matter of minutes.  There are a number of motorbike taxis located on all of the sois with a large number of Baht Buses available on Naklua Road.  The 7 Highway and the 36 Highway are easy to get to making Bangkok, Rayong and other places further afield easily accessible.  This is one of the main advantages over places such as Pratamnak and Bang Saray.

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