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 Beautification of Pattaya Beach Road

Posted on 16 July 2014 by ABPC

In the last 18 months Pattaya Beach Roach has seen some fairly dramatic changes.  Previously, the promenade area (as us Brits would call it) had started to look old and jaded with the often unnecessary windy footpaths largely ignored.  The old palm trees that used to line the beach were now very tall and leaning precariously in numerous directions.  The road was often heavily congested with only 2 lanes of traffic, one of which was usually blocked by parked vehicles as the other filled by baht buses travelling at a variety of speeds varying from almost stopped to hyper speed!

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So what has changed so far?  Firstly the promenade area has been made slightly narrower but far more user friendly.  The path now goes in a straight line and is no longer made from unsteady brick work and broken concrete.  The old trees have been replaced to some extent by younger small trees on the road side but the tall trees on the beach side still remain so maintaining some of the old feel.  The beach is now more accessible from the promenade with safer steps going down to it in areas where there used to be big drops and now, in some areas a guard rail to increase safety.

Beach Road

The road is now 3 lanes with parking restriction allowing a much easier flow of traffic. These parking restriction include restrictions on where baht buses can stop and double parking appears to completely restricted and enforced – something that never happens in Pattaya.  There are a few crossings now for pedestrians but these should be treated with care as they are often ignored by locals so can be extremely dangerous for tourists who are expecting vehicles to stop.


The plans for the future seem to centre around improvements to the drainage and access to the beach.  Pattaya is prone to flash flooding and this frequently washes away large areas of the beach making them both unsightly and on occasions dangerous.  The stalls around the top of the beach selling drinks and deckchairs will also be slightly restricted making it easier just to walk onto the sand. All this may take time, but if the improvements carry on as they have over previous months, Pattaya Beach Road will be a very pleasant place to spend some time.

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