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Thai Language Schools

Posted on 02 December 2014 by ABPC

Without doubt, there are more and more people coming to Thailand to live and this is increasing demand for Thai language schools.  In the past, the high demand has often been due to people wanting an Educational Visa to enable them to stay in the country for a longer period.  Although with some people this is still the case, a large proportion of those now attending the classes genuinely want to learn the language.  There are a large number of language schools in Pattaya and below are a few details on where can find 4 of the better known ones.


The AUA language school is located within Central Festival shopping mall on Pattaya Beach Road.  The school is affiliated with Burapha University and is perhaps best known as a school for teaching Thai nationals English.  The school has branches throughout Thailand and is very well respected.  The lessons are 2 hours a day, Monday to Saturday for 5 weeks.  The school is well respected and offers good quality teaching in a friendly environment.


Walen Thai School is one of the largest companies in Thailand offering Thai language courses.  The school in Pattaya is located on Soi Yume again close to the Big C Extra.  Walen have schools around Thailand as well as being able to offer distance learning programme.  The teaching again is said to be of a high standard although the methods of teaching are said to be different to other schools, concentrating on a question and answer format that is believed to help the learning process.  Educational Visas can be obtained under the same criteria as above.


Pro Language School is located on Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Road) opposite Big C Extra.  Pro Language School has a number of branches around the country and is again well respected.  Courses are pretty standard although the level of teaching is said to be excellent with all classes held in small groups.  Not surprisingly, Educational Visas can be obtained from this school although naturally regular attendance is required.

Pattaya School of Languages and Computers or PLC have 3 branches in Pattaya, one in the north, one in the centre and one in the south.  The school specialises in one to one training or small groups centring on a 20 hour course.  Again the school is well respected with good quality teaching.  The lessons tend to be more flexible and cater more for those in full time employment.

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