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Getting a Work Permit in Thailand

Posted on 24 September 2014 by ABPC

As with most countries in the world you will need a work permit to work legally in Thailand.  This is something that years ago had been a little bit vague but it is now being strictly enforced by the Immigration and Labour Departments.  Strict penalties are now in place with offenders usually being deported from the country after a short spell in one of the many notorious local prisons.


To obtain a work permit you first need to have a Non Immigrant B Visa.  These cannot initially be obtained in Thailand so you would need to visit a Thai Consulate before you travel.  A number of documents are required including an invitation letter from your employer, proof that you will be applying for a work permit, completed tax returns for the company and audited accounts.  If you don’t already have a work permit you will be granted a single entry, 90 day Non Immigrant B visa and then you will need to extend this to a one year visa once you have your work permit.

To obtain a work permit you must be employed to do a job that can’t be carried out by a Thai national.  There are a number of restrictions that are in place and some restricted jobs.  The company must also employee 4 Thais for each work permit and have paid up registered share capital of THB2 million per work permit up to a maximum of 10 expatriates.


Once you and the company you are going to work for have met this criteria you then need to begin the actual application.  A copy of every page of your passport is required and this needs to be signed.  You will also need to complete a medical to prove that you are fit to work and also do not have any of the restricted diseases.  After you have all of this you will need to have 3 passport sized photos, one that will go in your work permit and 2 to be kept at the Labour Office.  The process is relatively quick assuming that you have met all the necessary criteria.  The work permit will need to be renewed on an annual basis as will your Non Immigrant B visa.  Again at the time of renewal all the criteria will need to be met and renewal is not necessarily automatic.

All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without prior warning. Always speak to an expert prior to applying.

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