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Looking to retire in 2015

Posted on 09 January 2015 by ABPC

If you are looking to retire in 2015, what better place to do it than in Thailand? Thailand has changed a lot over recent years and is certainly catching up with the developed world at a rapid pace making it a more attractive place for shall we politely say, those in their later years.  Thailand has recently been voted one of the top places in the World to retire so it would seem the perfect place to relax and take things a little slower.


The cost of living generally is far lower than that we expect in the west with the standard of accommodation improving, seemingly on a year to year basis – again very reasonably priced when compared to other parts of the World.  Thailand and the big cities in particular now have access to world class healthcare and expat health insurance which is highly recommended and relatively easy to get hold of.


If we take Pattaya as an example for an ideal location to retire, it literally has everything on your doorstep.  If you are coming here as a single man, there is an abundance of bars and restaurants serving western food so you really will feel like it is a home from home.  There is strong expat presence as well in Pattaya so making new friends will be easy as you are sure to find some like minded people.  If you need help with the daily chores such as cooking and cleaning a local friendly maid will be easy to find and reasonably priced.  There are laundries quite literally all over the town so getting your washing done is something that you will never need to worry about again!  In fact everything that you need and any service you require will be easily satisfied if you ask the right people!


There are a number of activities that you can become involved in.  These range from pool and darts leagues, golf societies, chess and book clubs and even expat clubs – whatever you are interested in you will find that other people will be interested in the same things too!

So long as you meet the criteria, obtaining a retirement visa is relatively easy as well.  There are a number of reputable visa companies around that will be able to help you with this and make your stay as pain free as possible!  It is certainly worth having a look at the options as Thailand certainly is an excellent place to retire.

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How to work in Pattaya

Posted on 04 January 2015 by ABPC

There are an increasing number of visitors coming to Pattaya each year, especially those of working age it is little surprise that many wish to stay here and work.  Working in Pattaya may be everyone’s dream but sadly it may not be quite as straight forward as many people may think.  There are a number of restrictions surrounding work permits in Thailand that may stop you doing the trade that perhaps you do at home or what you would like to do here.  Basically, to cut a long story short, you can’t do a job that could be done by a Thai National.


Working here without the correct visa or work permit is certainly ill advised with serious consequences for anyone breaking these rules.  The Immigration and Labour Departments are clamping down on this with increasing regularity.  Many people in Pattaya tend to work in real estate sector as there are fewer restrictions here with potentially good rewards for those that are good at their job.  Other people who have more of a forte for graphic design may also see opportunities become available although they will require proof of qualifications.

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As with many things in life, word of mouth and actually getting out there and meeting people seems one of the easiest ways to find work in Pattaya.  Go around many of the local expat haunts and you are sure to find people who are already working in Pattaya or the surrounding area.  Although these people may not be in a position to offer you a job directly, they may know people who would and their advice is sure to prove invaluable in the long term.  A good tip is to be confident but not too pushy.  Many of these expats will have been here along time and seen no end of people come and go.  Prove that you are sensible and capable of listening and doing the job.  No one wants to recommend anyone who may prove to be a liability further down the track!


If you feel that getting out there and meeting people is not your scene, you could always try the tried and trusted method of looking through the classified advertisements.   These could be in the local press or on the internet.  Many people chose to advertise for staff on forums such as Thai Visa or Craigslist.  The old adage that ‘if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is’ would be a good piece of advice to follow in these circumstances, as some people who advertise are maybe not as honest as they could be.  Care should certainly be taken.

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